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AIR. That fluid transparent substance which surrounds our globe.
     2. No property can be had in the air it belongs equally to all men, being indispensable to their existence. To poison or materially to change the air, to the annoyance of the public, is a nuisance. Cro. Cr. 610; 2 Ld. Raym 1163; I Burr. 333; 1 Str. 686 Hawk. B. 1, c. 75, s. 10; Dane's Ab. Index h.t. But this must be understood with this qualification, that no one has a right to use the air over another man's land, in such a manner as to be injurious to him. See 4 Campb. 219; Bowy. Mod. Civ. Law, 62; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 36 1; Grot. Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, liv. 2, c. 2, Sec. 3, note, 3 et 4.
     3. It is the right of the proprietor of an estate to enjoy the light and air that will come to him, and, in general, no one has a right to deprive him of them; but sometimes in building, a man opens windows over his neighbor's ground, and the latter, desirous of building on his own ground, necessarily stops the windows already built, and deprives the first builder of light and air; this he has the right to do, unless the windows are ancient lights, (q.v.) or the proprietor has acquired a right by grant or prescription to have such windows open. See Crabb on R. P. Sec. 444 to 479 and Plan. Vide Nuisance.

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The destroyers and frigate which form the aircraft carrier fleet would also be stronger," Li said.
On the surface, the aircraft carrier appears to be a fiercely competitive venture that is likely to draw the ire of a major world power.
It is in the interests of the British Royal Navy not to show off the 'beauty' of its aircraft carrier on the high seas any closer than a few hundred miles from its Russian 'distant relative'," the ministry said.
China had no aircraft carriers until 2012 when its first one, the Liaoning, was commissioned, adding to the evidence that China's pursuit of military development has been in synch with its overall economic expansion, according to an article published in Global Times here on Monday.
With the small number of modern American aircraft carriers, Haskey is able to describe each of the ships in detail.
Brian Antonio, program executive officer for aircraft carriers.
This is the first time that the Soviet-era Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier that is part of its Northern fleet based in Murmansk, will join the Russian deployment after undergoing a refurbishment.
The auditors also went into the delays in the construction of Indegnous Aircraft Carrier and noted that navy's maritime capability will take a hit as it will have to operate only one floating airfield till 2023.
The Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition was established in 2004 to preserve the strength of the aircraft carrier force as a critical part of the nation's defense structure.
China has one aircraft carrier, but it bought the ship from Russia and has not built one itself yet.
But the aircraft carrier, Britain's biggest warship, was still christened in a traditional naval ceremony, combining a blessing and a celebration.
Navy" presents information about a navy career choice in the form of an aircraft carrier tour for a boy named Noah and his sister Marina.

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