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The dark gray walls make the space a moody contrast to the airier main room.
Deep Tube Well with supply of 200 mm & 300 mm do PVC pipes & fittings j (medium (Jury) & 200 mm dia Fiber Glass SO airier at Panchpara Badam tala beside Satyen Bose Road under Sankrall zone-II,etc
With a bar area at the back, a judiciously placed mirror and open hatch to the kitchen, it seems both bigger than airier than it did before.
Now painted in lighter, airier shades, there are still examples of the friezes showing a grand night out in the court of Louis XIV from the bar's previous life (well, it would be a travesty to get rid) and the impressive floor tiles are still there to greet anyone walking in.
The 18th century is considered the golden age of lacemaking, by which time new fabrics such as the cottons and embroidered muslins, had a major impact and influenced the development of lighter, airier lace that was popular across the world.
What we hoped to achieve is a fresh, current look that is airier and more readable.
In an industry first, the passenger airbag is housed in the roof, freeing up the dash area to feel lighter and airier.
The revolutionary 787s are made largely from composite material and passengers enjoy a more spacious, airier plane with wider aisles and higher ceilings plus mood lighting and larger windows offering views of the horizon from every seat.
Stores, including cafeteria facilities, have been refurbished to appear brighter and airier, with the retailer finally conceding to the need for a strong internet presence also.
With modern well designed facilities replacing the awful booking office and kiosks - it is much more open and has an airier feel to it - I imagine significantly closer to what the original architect, John Dobson, envisaged.
Switching to airier footwear's taken its toll on my tired tootsies, and I've been punished with cramps and aches.
If, in the interests of impartiality and honesty, I'm to put my Moseleyite tendancies to one side, I have to say I prefer the place in Harbs - the modern decor is airier, lighter and less cramped.