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Woodland Hills architect Gary Tosounian, who helped the Parsonses design their home, said clients are clamoring for larger, airier dens that can serve several purposes.
Anything that makes the car feel lighter and airier, that provides a better environment, has to be good.
But I think a space which is lighter and airier would give a nicer, more welcoming feel, especially for young people who may be visiting for the first time.
The purge is also intended to bring about an airier, less cluttered showroom.
Before bringing you up to date on the whole Epicurean Life empire, let me say right up front that Fred's at Lakewood Ranch offers excellent food and smart, attentive service in a larger, airier dining room than the original, and that live piano or jazz is often playing in its bar.
For a lighter, airier lotion that bursts with scent, try Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream.
The result is a gorgeous, airier, far more modern space with lots of white, glass and chrome.
Lighter coloured materials have been used to give the Yaris's interior an airier feel.
Decor/physical changes: Originally quite colorful in decor, the restaurant changed to a more earth-toned, muted color scheme when it was rebuilt, with open ducted ceilings and an airier feel.
This means a lighter, airier interpretation than one normally hears.
3g fat 100 per cent chocolate but airier than the standard type.
We painted the walls a sunshine yellow, which made it seem much bigger and airier, and I made cushions in the different colours from the bedspread so that it could double as a sofa.