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Our choicest plans are fallen through, our airiest castles tumbled over, because of lines we neatly drew, and later neatly stumbled over
The secret to the airiest possible crumpet is the second and most important rising after the baking soda has been added.
Blue cod and scallops, fried in the airiest beer batter, salty chips and wedge of lemon, or mussels with garlic, parsley, white wine and just a drop of cream.
Mind you, we had to clean them with a carbon tetrachloride and took them to the back stairs which was the airiest place - yet still people would feel faint from the fumes.
COSPACK America is a full service manufacturer and supplier of beauty packaging that carries an extensive inventory of quality stack airiest dispenser, bottles, jars, closures and pumps-all available with low minimums and immediate delivery from our CA & NJ warehouses.
Having observed in the airiest terms possible that sports personalities are contracted to engage with the media, they say: "The current reluctance by some of racing's stars to work more closely with the media is having a detrimental effect on the positive publicity that can be achieved.
When Bishop Berkeley said 'there was no matter,' And proved it--'twas no matter what he said: They say his system 'tis in vain to batter, Too subtle for the airiest human head; And yet who can believe it?