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The prized piece of genuine Irish bog oak that adorns their dining table; Yolanda and Paul Shaughnessy relaxing in their apartment, in Exchange Street East Pictures: JASON ROBERTS/ jr110607interior-10; One of Paul Shaughnessy's paintings; Every inch of space is used to good advantage Code: jr110607interior-5; The couple's unusual wine rack Code: jr110607interior-7; High ceilings give rooms a real feel of airiness Code: r110607interior-2; The apartment has a well-equipped kitchen Code: jr110607interior-9
The tall shape of the car gives a feeling of airiness while the big windows provide excellent visibility all round.
It has big,deep glazing,because that provides greater airiness and a better view.
Some people argued that the reason this combination clicked so well is because the types of dancing complement each other, that ballet with its airiness and ease needs the counterpoise of movement with weight and force, and that, once upon a time, character dancing supplied the contrast which is the job of modern dancers today.
The roof lets in lots of natural light and gives a feeling of space and airiness.
Everything about the place, from its position on the conglomerate sprawl of airport commerce to its internal airiness, has that uncluttered feel of America where people understand that there is just too much room to invade your space.
And Amy Buffington offers the correct balance of sensuality and airiness as the ultimate amoral flower child.
The totally new luxury building, designed by Peter DeWitt Architects in Manhattan, will offer the coveted open airiness of loft living with all the amenities of new construction.
The airiness and spaciousness of the sound were most welcome after my having listened recently to a number of dry, multi-talked affairs.
But when I started to make photographs, their airiness was anything but solid, and their "psychology" was unclear.
The upstairs hall is actually a bridge overlooking the entry and the living-dining space, further emphasizing the feeling of airiness.
The purity, airiness and ease of the fabrics we use in the collection are especially well-suited for today's modern bride," says Chris Kole.