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AIR. That fluid transparent substance which surrounds our globe.
     2. No property can be had in the air it belongs equally to all men, being indispensable to their existence. To poison or materially to change the air, to the annoyance of the public, is a nuisance. Cro. Cr. 610; 2 Ld. Raym 1163; I Burr. 333; 1 Str. 686 Hawk. B. 1, c. 75, s. 10; Dane's Ab. Index h.t. But this must be understood with this qualification, that no one has a right to use the air over another man's land, in such a manner as to be injurious to him. See 4 Campb. 219; Bowy. Mod. Civ. Law, 62; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 36 1; Grot. Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, liv. 2, c. 2, Sec. 3, note, 3 et 4.
     3. It is the right of the proprietor of an estate to enjoy the light and air that will come to him, and, in general, no one has a right to deprive him of them; but sometimes in building, a man opens windows over his neighbor's ground, and the latter, desirous of building on his own ground, necessarily stops the windows already built, and deprives the first builder of light and air; this he has the right to do, unless the windows are ancient lights, (q.v.) or the proprietor has acquired a right by grant or prescription to have such windows open. See Crabb on R. P. Sec. 444 to 479 and Plan. Vide Nuisance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The latest Sport Hatch SXi Vauxhall Astra has the most amazing panoramic roof that at the turn of a knob transforms the rather sombre cabin into an array of light and airiness as a sliding 'roof liner' slips back deep into the car revealing a giant glass panel.
The cabin shows an equal preference for maturity over modishness, with a considerably more conventional dash design and a new sense of toughness and solidity ( and of airiness.
So is visibility, where the tall build means considerable glazed areas, and there's an excellent airiness about the interior.
And the whole feeling of space, refinement and airiness is never compromised.
The interior is characterised by airiness, space and quality materials.
Symmetry is important when it comes to layout and opt for light coloured woods which will complement the airiness of the scheme.
Our stunning whitewashed villa was surrounded by trees, and inside, we were surprised by its airiness and beauty.
I'm a big fan of gloss painted floors because the reflections they create give a room a wonderful airiness. Experiment with other shiny finishes.
With its jagged gesture s and rustic airiness the piece is typical Janacek; perhaps it is its awkward attempts at forcing a symphonic structure which have kept it out of the repertoire.
The sense of light and airiness is liberating, especially around the hotel's infinity pool, where a clever illusion leads you to believe the pool starts at the hotel's base and reaches out to the Atlantic's hazy horizon.
Despite this, we could see beyond the scruffy interior to the possibility of a fantastic home full of light and airiness."