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We have seen the Campanile, and Byron's house and Balbi's the geographer, and the palaces of all the ancient dukes and doges of Venice, and we have seen their effeminate descendants airing their nobility in fashionable French attire in the Grand Square of St.
Cook, Tom,' said the fat lady, still airing herself as aforesaid.
And he wagged his helmet at my invalid, who had taken his airing in frock-coat and top-hat, the more readily to assume his present part.
Many were the colloquies into which Sam entered with grooms who were airing horses on roads, and nursemaids who were airing children in lanes; but nothing could Sam elicit from either the first-mentioned or the last, which bore the slightest reference to the object of his artfully-prosecuted inquiries.
Who, now, that saw him pass in the procession, would think how little while it is since he went forth out of his study -- chewing a Hebrew text of Scripture in his mouth, I warrant -- to take an airing in the forest
I would as soon taking an airing on the slant of a rainbow as in such a front yard.
The initial airings will be in the form of "interstitials"--three- and four-minute segments--and if all goes well, half-hour episodes will start shooting in the spring.
And CBS' "48 Hours" newsmag will get four special airings at 10 p.