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Mimi, when she came to the door, which stood ajar, gave a light tap.
The gate had been purposely left ajar to tempt me on.
We'll send for the bird later," he told the landlady, who, still mildly expostulating as she followed them downstairs, failed to notice that the captain of the detectives had carelessly left the door to Daughtry's rooms ajar.
Cocky himself was the first to discover that the door was ajar, and was looking at it with speculation (if by "speculation" may be described the mental processes of a bird, in some mysterious way absorbing into its consciousness a fresh impression of its environment and preparing to act, or not act, according to which way the fresh impression modifies its conduct).
As an aid to the vigilance of the sentinel, the door had been left ajar.
How much of the scene he had witnessed I do not know, for the door was ajar when he entered.
Leaving it carefully ajar, he "went out with the intention of making an examination of the outside of the place.
The door of her room was slightly ajar, and she saw that a waiter was busy at a small round table.
Just before I reached the landing I saw his door opened from the inside--a long, delicate, nervous hand (not my friend's hand certainly) held it ajar.
In the daytime the door remained closed; in the evening it stood discreetly but suspiciously ajar.
The bedroom-door on the staircase being unlocked, Mr Quilp slipped in, and planted himself behind the door of communication between that chamber and the sitting-room, which standing ajar to render both more airy, and having a very convenient chink (of which he had often availed himself for purposes of espial, and had indeed enlarged with his pocket-knife), enabled him not only to hear, but to see distinctly, what was passing.
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