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In October of the same year, Ajar Online signed a non-exclusive partnership with Warba Bank to empower their solution, and by January 2016 they officially established the company.
I think it's useful to get over the fear of having your door ajar.
Que Romain Gary soit Emile Ajar, la chose paraissait carrement inconcevable.
The sad truth is that Saakashvili has done little to address Ajar grievances, including their demand for meaningful autonomy.
In addition to granting authorized entry, key card access controls in the elevator also act as sensors that know when a resident's door is ajar.
The mood darkens further once one wanders from the brightly lit main gallery into a suite of dusky rooms illuminated only by the natural light that filters through the thick round panes of their casement windows, some left ajar onto a narrow canal and blossoming oleanders below.
An agreement to license the AJAR cellular applications platform to Motorola has been revealed by TTPCom.
The crew watches this terrifying event while peering from portholes and doorways held slightly ajar and their memories fill them with dread.
Q Every time I leave the door to my bedroom slightly ajar, it swings wide open.
The use of a night light or leaving the bedroom door ajar, letting in light from the hall, is the best way to help lessen the child's fear.
Her face, with its high cheekbones and mouth usually ajar, had an Asian cast.
Three terminals at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were evacuated yesterday (13 February) after a fire door was noticed to be ajar.