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table members serve on ALA task forces, committees, and workgroups.
Further gratification for Unni and for the school staff came recently with Ala Wai's selection as one of 15 schools chosen statewide for a study of "best practices" that is being sponsored by the Hawaii Business Roundtable.
recommendations for ALA and other associations to play a more active role in
Julie Johnson Graves, Centre Middle School, Centre, Ala.
The ALA and the California Library Association allied themselves with other groups to protest and publicize the proposed board; their efforts ultimately succeeded (Berninghausen, 1949).
While the different groups attending CFC had diverse political agendas, they all shared a common dissatisfaction with the way ALA was run.
However, oils rich in ALA should not be used for high-temperature cooking.
The daily also maintained on Wednesday that Ala is currently using a state-owned Beechcraft B350 jet for his trips, especially to his constituency of the eastern province of Erzurum.
She notes that "research is showing that the effects of ALA may have unique and independent benefits important to our wellbeing.
Dan Austin, Austin-Lehman Adventure's founding director said, 'Clients of both companies will benefit from the alliance as EMS refers customers to ALA for their active adventure tour needs and Austin-Lehman Adventures in turn, directs tour participants to EMS for fulfilment of apparel and equipment.
It was great to see the amount of coverage given to omega 3 in this issue; however, we were surprised and disappointed to see your publication misrepresent the health benefits of ALA omega 3 when compared with EPA and DHA.
Included in the sale is a feed mill at Talladega, Ala.