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With less alarm and greater eagerness she seized a second, a third, a fourth; each was equally empty.
The dimness of the light her candle emitted made her turn to it with alarm; but there was no danger of its sudden extinction; it had yet some hours to burn; and that she might not have any greater difficulty in distinguishing the writing than what its ancient date might occasion, she hastily snuffed it.
Alarmed, but not discouraged, she tried it another way; a bolt flew, and she believed herself successful; but how strangely mysterious!
By their uncertain light she thought she could discern it to be drawn by four horses; and this, while it told the excess of her poor mother's alarm, gave some explanation to such unexpected rapidity.
You really alarm me, taking the accident so to heart."
The old gentleman was looking at him now in unconcealed alarm. Lizabetha Prokofievna wrung her hands.
The two old gentlemen looked quite alarmed. The old general
Such an alarm was given in the afternoon of the 15th.
Either it had been a false alarm, or the enemy had retreated on finding themselves discovered, and quiet was restored to the village.
On the day following the alarm just mentioned, several parties arrived from different directions, and were met and conducted by some of the braves to the council lodge, where they reported the events and success of their expeditions, whether of war or hunting; which news was afterwards promulgated throughout the village, by certain old men who acted as heralds or town criers.
You can't expect me to find out the moral cause which has alarmed you.
On meeting him for the second time, he was still much alarmed, but not to the same extent as at first.