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We posed the question after a homelessness expert said the number of people drinking in the city centre had risen alarmingly in the last three months.
It is especially affecting black women with alarmingly high rates o f morbidity and mortality.
When I returned to my seat, the performer working on my friend had escalated alarmingly.
Infectious disease medicine has come a long way, yet Munch's specter of the flu is alarmingly current.
4 per cent compared to 2002, and the clearance rate - an alarmingly low 54.
ZAMBIA: Sexual abuse, often at the hands of guardians or caretakers, is fueling alarmingly high HIV/AIDS rates among Zambian girls, according to a report released by Human Rights Watch.
This month Consumer Web Watch released its first research findings, which said that "consumer trust of web content is alarmingly low, with less than 30 percent of respondents saying they trust the information found on sites that sell products and services.
Perhaps most alarmingly, the Supreme Court harbors a four-man bloc that seeks every opportunity to fund religion with tax dollars.
As remarkable as 1980 was, 1982 was even more so, but in an alarmingly different way.
Except for the genealogical tables where names and dates run alarmingly into the gutters, Yale's introduction of a paperback edition makes a valuable study more accessible without sacrificing anything of content or presentation.
You're straying alarmingly close to the values of clarification you so deride.