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Mr Morgan, even more alarmingly, asks to be allowed to finish what he has started.
However, try explaining that to the likes of Wolves manager Dave Jones, who has seen his team's performance slide alarmingly over the past six weeks.
Here the clawlike hardware gripping the stacked sequence of leather cylinders also acts to hold open their outer layer to bare the alarmingly raw and flesh-like involutions of the subcutaneous interior.
Anderson produced his lowest offensive output since 1996 and, most alarmingly, his slugging percentage fell from .
SEXUALLY-transmitted diseases have soared alarmingly over the past year.
Your head slams into the ceiling of the car, and when you finally manage to collect your wits the scenery whizzing by suddenly seems alarmingly different.
Nasdaq:PEGS) announced today that RAVE, its exclusive Rate and Availability Engine, will be offered to hotels to help manage the alarmingly high volume of shopping queries generated daily from travel agents, travel distributors and travel Web sites.
The journey begins innocently enough with the usual backseat bickering and bladder challenges, but then becomes alarmingly violent and wildly inappropriate for its target audience.
And figures from Europe are not much better, with German tourist numbers collapsing alarmingly.
The three complex sculptures--two recent works and a "blade machine" from 1984--evoked amusement-park architecture, ancient astronomical devices, and alarmingly oversized pocket games and pinwheels.
Alarmingly, research shows that as voice and data technologies continue to evolve and converge at accelerated rates, so do threats to VoIP technology and its users.
Alarmingly, only one in every 10 workers deemed functionally illiterate is enrolled in literacy classes and half of them drop out within three weeks, said the study by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.