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FPS CEO Ferderic Zimer said that having an operator as stakeholders confounds a tower firm s relations with different operators, albeit there was never any discrimination between its varied users.
Also, urging the Arabs to adopt the Lebanese co-existential model, Albeit, Siniora spoke about need for renewing neighbourly ties with Iran albeit on the bases of mutual non-intervention or sectarian manipulation and abuse.
Here's hoping he'll continue to broadcast in his unique way, albeit to a global audience.
Manufacturing output rose for the first time in three months, albeit at a weak rate.
Mark Lewis-Francis provided one bright spot as his first outdoor 100m of the season saw him coast home, albeit in 10.
There had been something of an expectation that Gul might return the law to parliament for further review - albeit AKP contacts had suggested that it would be re-voted as feeling in support of the legislation is currently so strong within the party.
Better news is that Cheltenham's frost covers have kept the ground raceable, albeit with a sizeable snow crust on top.
Summary: The value of cleared checks in the banking system, a coincident indicator of overall spending patterns in the economy, pointed to a slight recovery in spending, albeit from a low base.
When I began my apprenticeship in 1965 there were men working around me who still told stories similar to some of those heard on this release, albeit in a Berkshire accent rather than the broader Gloucestershire speech.
Summary: Fernando Alonso led home a one-two finish for Ferrari in the German Grand Prix, albeit with the whiff of team orders hanging in the air.
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines launched operations, albeit a day late, last Thursday.
A vivacious albeit bitingly critical collection of the most mockworthy moments in new millennium American politics.