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In the near term, however, net underwriting profits are likely to be reported in 2006, assuming more normalized catastrophe losses and continued, albeit moderate, funding of prior year reserves.
Notably, sales tax receipts continued to show growth, albeit more modest, during the recent recession.
97 VHS) Another Christmas party - albeit much more modest, just a family dinner - and another unhappy couple (Anjelica Huston and Donal McCann).
Demand should improve across all geographies, with positive albeit lower growth expected in Europe, stable demand anticipated for the Americas, and continued strong growth in APAC, particularly for components.
The 'A+' rating reflects the town's strong financial profile, very low direct debt burden, sound management practices, and the diversification and growth, albeit slowing, of the local economy.
The box, a prototype shown in closed-door sessions to select people during the event called ``E3'' in geekspeak, was one of the massive electronic game trade show's highlights, albeit one that most attendees never saw.
They also reflect concerns over tight, albeit improving capital, as well as its volatile operating environment.
The project is still going to drain the watershed, albeit at a slower rate, and they're still going to blast the Hollywood Hills, albeit only 12 hours a day.
Best believes a good level of earnings is achievable in 2005, albeit at a lower anticipated return on capital and surplus of between 10%-15%, down from 19.
Subsequent to the end of the period, the Company produced the first order, albeit small, for the devices.
Fitch maintains a Stable Outlook for the sector in light of continued economic improvements and home price appreciation, albeit at lower rates for 2005.