alcoholic addiction

See: dipsomania
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Jailing him for life the judge, Mr Justice Caulfield, said: "If any good can come from your horrible trilogy of crime it is surely this: that alcoholic addiction be shown by this case not only to create illness, but, also to be a creator of shocking crime.
The document also bans the trade turnover of vodka in plastic containers, for example, in plastic glasses popular among people with alcoholic addiction due to their availability and cheapness.
While her younger son Dilip is leading a bohemian life with severe alcoholic addiction, the rest three were busy with their own families in descent financial state," Roy added.
Now if alcoholic addiction is primarily an illness how can you declare it a sin?
In her early 20s, weighing less than six stone and in the grip of alcoholic addiction, she gets pregnant.
Data from 2005 showed that Latvia had 27,648 patients in alcoholic addiction programs and 2,441 patients being treated for narcotic or psychotropic drug addiction.

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