alcoholic beverage

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Further, the majority of alcoholic beverage purchasers who traded down stated they would continue to purchase the lower-priced items as the economy continues to improve (75 percent for wine, 70 percent for beer and 66 percent for spirits).
As youth readership increased in a magazine, so did the number of youth alcoholic beverage advertisements.
Other consumers are trading down by visiting "fast casual" restaurants and quick service restaurants that may offer few or no alcoholic beverages.
Nationwide sales growth (year-on-year) for alcoholic beverages should hold in the double-digits through the third quarter of 2004, but industry leaders fear losses in the medium term as residents of Finland opt for products from Estonia.
Traditionally, tort law protected alcoholic beverage manufacturers from the duty to warn under the "good whiskey" argument which stated that "Good whiskey is not unreasonably dangerous merely because it will make some people drunk .
One interesting observation made by the study is the alcoholic beverage sector is not only competing against other firms within its sector, but also with beverages outside alcoholic arena, for example, soft drinks, juices and bottled water for a larger share of the beverage dollar.
Cops 'N Shops differs from undercover stings in that it focuses on the violator, rather than the alcoholic beverage retail industry.
Historical accounts from ancient Greece, Rome, and other early civilizations describe the systematic doling out of alcoholic beverages to soldiers along with food, weapons, and other military rations.
Levels of urethane differ with each type of alcoholic beverage, explains Benjamin J.
Their conclusion will come as no surprise to wholesalers: The new drinks have piqued the interest of young adult drinkers, and comprise the fastest growing alcoholic beverage segment.