alcoholic beverage

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The bill proposed strict limitations on the sales, advertisement and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
This market report covers in depth analysis of alcoholic beverage industry covering each region and stating the emerging regions of the industry which will reflect significant growth in the forecast period.
Further, the majority of alcoholic beverage purchasers who traded down stated they would continue to purchase the lower-priced items as the economy continues to improve (75 percent for wine, 70 percent for beer and 66 percent for spirits).
As youth readership increased in a magazine, so did the number of youth alcoholic beverage advertisements.
In May 2008, Nielsen surveyed approximately 3,500 consumers who had purchased alcoholic beverages from a store during the last three months.
First, he said, the couple plans to install a Veriphone system that will allow them to easily check the age of shoppers who are trying to buy alcoholic beverages or tobacco.
* Worm: Traditionally, worms are included in mezcal, an unregulated alcoholic beverage also distilled from the agave, as a marketing gimmick.
By moderate, I mean an ounce to an ounce and a half of alcohol or less a day." [32] Similarly, the 1977 edition of Benson's Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a popular medical textbook, allowed for an occasional alcoholic beverage, such as one cocktail a day before dinner.
The walk-through is a method of observing activity inside alcoholic beverage retail outlets such as bars and restaurants.
Historical accounts from ancient Greece, Rome, and other early civilizations describe the systematic doling out of alcoholic beverages to soldiers along with food, weapons, and other military rations.
After years of bad news about sagging consumption and inhibiting regulations, the $82-billion-a-year alcoholic beverage industry had reason to rejoice: A health-conscious president had endorsed--or come very close to recommending- drinking in moderation.
He also said police carried out 12 raids across the state after establishing contact with the victims who suffered from alcohol poisoning and have arrested seven individuals for their alleged involvement in the sale of tainted alcoholic beverage.