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To get a sense of the work CTU might do for mayoral or aldermanic candidates, it's helpful to look at two of last spring's state legislative primary races in which the union campaigned hard for two progressive candidates with strong education platforms: Will Guzzardi, a journalist-turned-organizer, who won his race in the 39th District, which includes Logan Square and Belmont-Cragin; and community organizer Jhatayn "Jay" Travis, who lost hers for the 26th District, which snakes down from Streeterville to South Chicago.
TILTs could thus break the logjam created by aldermanic privilege over zoning decisions by making upzonings attractive to neighborhoods and local officials.
For instance, in Chicago traditional lobbying was coupled with direct action in individual aldermanic wards, with the result that Democratic aldermen were more likely to support the coalition's policy reforms.
They argue that the aldermanic menu program may have appeased complacent council members and even a fair number of voters, but it hasn't done much to reverse the decline of the city's poorest neighborhoods, which still have the highest unemployment and crime rates, worst schools and most inadequate housing.
However, by incorporating all aldermanic offices (as well as police stations) into the 311 network, initial apprehension diminished and the set of stakeholders committed to the development of Chicago 311 broadened.
When he came into power in 1974, he was the beneficiary of a charter change that transformed Atlanta municipal government from a weak aldermanic structure to a "strong mayor" system, giving the city's chief executive budget authority and veto power.
They are now training staff members from each of the city's 50 aldermanic ward offices on how to assist property owners and residents who come to them for help.
Testamentary practice and aldermanic proceedings from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries attest that married women were by no means silent partners in marital property management.
Her sources include a wide range of urban sources (including the Liber Albus or White Book and a number of other deliberately-kept ongoing records), diocesan records, guild records and, selectively, the wills of key aldermanic and other figures.
The Trib already had two reporters exploring the mores of the City Council, so they used the Huels scandal as a springboard for in-depth, contextual pieces illuminating aldermanic culture--and explaining why it condoned Huels' behavior.
In Everett, seven-term Mayor John McCarthy lost to David Ragucci, the aldermanic president, and in Salem, four-term Mayor Neil Harrington lost to Councilor Stanley Usovicz.
Louis Public Library catalogs could be found at more than twenty-four sites, including all inner-city magnet high schools, two inner-city YMCAs, a settlement house educational facility, the anteroom to the aldermanic chamber at City Hall, and RankenTechnical College.