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What if more women, like the Albertan alderwoman Dar Heatherington referred to at the beginning of this article, run off alone, leaving their families and homes behind?
Region 15); Mary Osborne, alderwoman, Savannah, Ga.
Lyda Krewson, 28th Ward Alderwoman and West Ender, treated attendees with a reminiscence of the local and Washington news in the summer of 1972.
And Liverpool audiences have seen her in pantomime in recent years, last year playing Alderwoman Fitzwarren at the Royal Court.
Louis alderwoman who allegedly urinated in a wastebasket rather than yield the floor during a filibuster.
This is the kind of experience that you only find once in a blue moon," says Lyda Krewson, Alderwoman for St.
Unique studies committee for the Town Brook Project is led by Alderwoman Lori Large-Oldenettel.
My main mentor during this period was Alderwoman Gwendolyn Goodman, now deceased.
At the store, Scott will be joined by several community and business leaders, including Ward 37 Alderwoman Emma Mitts; Lance Pressl, with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce; Pastor Dwight Gunn, with the 37th Ward Pastor's Alliance; Camille Lilly, Executive Director, Austin Chamber of Commerce; and Margaret Garner, whose business, Broadway Consolidated Companies, Inc.
The mayor of Pine Lawn, Adrian Wright, has refused to seat an alderwoman, Cheris Metts, elected in November.
Jonesboro Alderwoman Judy Furr said that about a month ago she stumbled upon a Department of Justice Web site that showed Fayetteville, Fort Smith and Pine Bluff received more than $1 million in grants in 2003.