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Prescribers are now experiencing the sort of medication alert fatigue that pharmacists have experienced for decades.
Medi-Span offers a multi-faceted approach to minimizing alert fatigue through advanced functionality and expert consulting in an innovative way that heightens the impact of the alert process and fully leverages its potential to improve patient safety.
We went beyond just addressing the documentation issue and also solved for alert fatigue," said Todd Vernon, co-founder and CEO, VictorOps.
as healthcare providers implement computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, they find themselves dealing with the growing issue of clinical alert fatigue.
Alchemy delivers actionable answers for users in all healthcare settings, leading the industry in reducing alert fatigue for improved patient safety.
KLAS, an independent healthcare IT vendor research firm that recognizes healthcare vendors for their leadership in working with customers to ensure satisfaction, compiled the 2012 report based on interviews with 249 providers about their approach to CDS and level of success overcoming key problems including workflow and EMR integration and alert fatigue management.
Nonetheless, what has become clear in the past few years is that the first generation of CDS tools, as embedded in commercial healthcare IT vendors' core EIIR systems, has not lived up to expectations; and indeed, has required continuous customization work on the part of healthcare IT leaders seeking to avert alert fatigue and truly optimize the workflow of physicians and other clinicians.
The core functionality of AlertSpace--the ability to customize alerts through an easy to use interface--is one aspect of a multi-pronged strategy to address alert fatigue underway at FDB," continued Millikan.
By aggregating the alerts and attempting to reduce alert fatigue, providers do not receive the safety information in real-time.