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Prescribers are now experiencing the sort of medication alert fatigue that pharmacists have experienced for decades.
This is known as alert fatigue (Overhage, Tierney, Zhou, & McDonald, 1997).
Cowan (2013) provided an excellent overview of decreased communication, dangerous "workarounds," and alert fatigue that can be associated with electronic medical records.
FDB solutions support interoperability for Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2, address alert fatigue and provide support for controlled substances prescribing
The platform aggregates and normalizes patient data from disparate clinical systems and automatically analyzes the information using hundreds of rules that account for possible comorbidities and medication abnormalities, maximizing accuracy and preventing alert fatigue.
Another shortcoming of existing terms is that they often combine results that represent different degrees of risk to patient safety and thus may lead to patient harm due to alert fatigue.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Wolters Kluwer Health , a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that it has developed a multi-faceted approach to addressing alert fatigue through its Medi-Span([R] )clinical decision support solutions.
Excessive reminders, alerts, and warning messages have been associated with alert fatigue wherein the care professional disregards the message.
There are definitely concerns related to alert fatigue.
As a result of limited visibility, overly manual processes and alert fatigue, the survey also found that the average system outage took 44 hours to resolve, while requiring 12.
On page 18, Assistant Editor Gabriel Perna takes a look at what healthcare IT leaders are doing to resolve clinical alert fatigue, one of the most persistent problems that threaten to undermine patient care quality.