alert to danger

See: forewarn
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He's so alert to danger and was quick to come off his line.
Crashes such as Tuesday's can be prevented by drivers following the laws, using common sense, and staying alert to danger.
Bowyer's combative cleverness was clear and Stephen Carr's reading of the game, the way he was so alert to danger, was admirable.
In martial arts or combat pistol shooting classes, the first and best piece of advice is to be alert to danger and avoid situations in which you might have to try your skills.
But I have to be alert to danger in towri and country.
Rookies come out of the academy conditioned to fight tooth and nail for survival, and inspired to stay alert to danger signs they've been taught to recognize, The FTO (field training officer) concept of the last few decades has kept "the new kids" from having to reinvent the wheel, and put them on a faster learning curve toward survival of violence.
Jamie Carragher is the sort of player who will keep his team-mates alert to danger, even if Liverpool have gone several minutes without being put under pressure
But on a day-to-day basis, we're still doing most of the same things we've always done, but just being more alert to danger signs.
Near the end Gunn was alert to danger, sliding off his line to save from Shutt.
Wingman, alert to danger, removes the threat by buying her another drink," it added.