alert to danger

See: forewarn
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ANTICIPATION: Alert to danger throughout, particularly on the half-hour, when he read Jorginho's attempted through ball to Pedro, stepping up to intercept in and snuff out the potential threat.
Calm, composed at alert to danger, the Scot looked the part at the heart of the back four.
Although United are pushing to sign a centre-back and have made it a priority position, Tuanzebe looked comfortable in the Opta Stadium, alert to danger and rarely losing possession when on the ball.
The midfielderwas aware and alert to danger in the centre of the pitch, played a wonderful ball up to Mohamed Salah to getJurgen Klopp's side on the front foot and put a great cross into the back post after beating two players on the right but the finishes were lacking.
Got down low to save an early effort but arguably could have done better for Town's goal but commanded his area well, taking high balls and alert to danger. Pulled off a brilliant save from point blank range at the death.
Strong in the tackle and alert to danger around him, Robertson was rock-solid defensively and always offered an outlet going forward.
"I like his concentration, he's very alert to danger now."
Was left exposed for the Reading goal, but he stayed lively and alert to danger. Has improved so much dealing with the high ball.
Crashes such as Tuesday's can be prevented by drivers following the laws, using common sense, and staying alert to danger. Seeing someone standing in the breakdown lane ahead or a vehicle parked by the guardrail, lights flashing or not, should signal an alarm to all drivers in the vicinity that they have a duty to help out, by keeping out of the way.
Bowyer's combative cleverness was clear and Stephen Carr's reading of the game, the way he was so alert to danger, was admirable.
In martial arts or combat pistol shooting classes, the first and best piece of advice is to be alert to danger and avoid situations in which you might have to try your skills.