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Our players must play against them quite alertly," he said.
To top it all is Herman Van Rompuy's detour and all of this must have a sobering effect on the country's political factors, that the EU is alertly following and "filming" our every move.
While underlining importance of Fitness he said "Fitness can be described as the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure-time activities and meeting emergency demands.
When third baseman Feliz cut in front of the bag to handle the catcher's throw, Damon alertly popped up from his slide and raced to third base, which was not covered due to the shift.
Hays alertly grabbed the crook's gun, prepared to defend herself as well.
Our dogs, Pearl and Tasha, made their portions disappear in two snaps of their canine jaws and sat up alertly, indicating a willingness to experiment further.
As he patrolled the sun-burnt outfield, alertly, at long-on,
He listened alertly as several options, including both cutting-edge trenchless and conventional construction methods were considered.
In Axline's Principle 4, therapists are to alertly recognize the feelings the child expresses and reflect them back in such a manner that the child gains insight into the behavior.
A neat Norwich build up after seven minutes saw on loan Spurs winger Dean Marney clip a clever 20-yard chip just over the Owls crossbar and Marney then curled a pinpoint 11th-minute free kick into the box straight onto striker Dean Ashton's forehead, only for goalkeeper David Lucas to palm it alertly past his post.
They covered the importance of driving alertly, no matter what type of motor vehicle you're operating, and included an extensive discussion of the individual decisionmaking process.