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If "pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall" (Proverbs 16:18), then we must live humbly and alertly before God.
But West Ham also looked dangerous and Sakho alertly nipped in between Hugo Lloris and Eric Dier as the ball bounced between them and headed goalwards.
Thibault's first goal made it 2-0 at 7:37 of the first when he alertly made a mid-air tip-in of a Klahre slap shot from the left circle.
5000 among the police guards for alertly performing their duty.
And if, on some of those worlds, intelligent life exists, then they're probably doing what we're doing, Shostak said - sending out radio transmissions as they listen, patiently and alertly, for someone to make contact with them.
Slowly but surely, Peterborough worked their way into the game and playmaker Tomlinson nearly put his side ahead with a free-kick which was destined for the bottom right corner before Lewis dived alertly to push it away.
Dana'iefar said that intensification of the terrorist operations at the threshold of the Iraqi spring time parliamentary elections is quite likely, calling on the Iraqi political circles to comprehensively and alertly confront the phenomenon.
And they collaborated alertly with soloist Yu-Fen Lin in Britten's actually superfluous Piano Concerto (we've heard it all in Prokofiev, Ravel, Gershwin and Rachmaninov).
Takeda alertly saw the play unfold, jumped out of her slide and dashed home to put the Ducks up 1-0.
Brunner, who was trailing the play, alertly spotted the puck on the doorstep and casually tapped it past Hiller (46 saves) to end the wild affair.
Mooney has gathered people who invite the reader to an inward journey of living more alertly to the depths of first-person experiences--people such as Henry Thoreau, Henry Bugbee, William and Henry James, Stanley Cavell, Bruce Wilshire, and Hannah Arendt.
The essential lesson he draws from his project is to remain alertly mindful of the world around us, for 'we're all just a bundle of habits shaped by our memories.