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"It is strange, then, that she never recognised you just now," he retorted, with forlorn alertness.
Now he was all alertness. Who were these interlopers?
There was nothing of the customary alertness in the manner of our mistress, and, to my surprise, she even showed the customer one or two pieces of much inferior quality, before we were produced.
One morning, about this time, Fanny having now been nearly four weeks from Mansfield, a point which she never failed to think over and calculate every day, as she and Susan were preparing to remove, as usual, upstairs, they were stopped by the knock of a visitor, whom they felt they could not avoid, from Rebecca's alertness in going to the door, a duty which always interested her beyond any other.
The Crofts took possession with true naval alertness, and were to be visited.
Zeena had an air of unusual alertness and activity.
A certain alertness seemed to have deserted her usually piquant face.
The only change in it that they could notice was an accession of alertness. It still regarded them with the merciless wistfulness of hunger.
Unlike the 24-hour circadian rhythm of sleep, alertness, body temperature and eating, the human brain is hard-wired to go through an ultradian cycle about every 90 minutes.
[USA], Aug 11 (ANI): A simple snack is the best choice for maximising alertness and productivity on nightshift, suggests a study.
'Ang ating peace and order ay under control pero kailangan pa rin nating ipagpatuloy ang ating vigilance at alertness,' he told reporters in a chance interview at Camp Crame, referring to the country's capital region.
Kayode Olagunju has urged officials of the zonal to always raise their alertness and efficiency high while discharging their statutory duties.