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Interviews showed that five of 14 Nebraska patients patronized a common restaurant chain (chain A) and that nine had recently eaten alfalfa sprouts. Among the first seven Iowa case-patients interviewed, one had eaten at restaurant chain A, and six had eaten alfalfa sprouts.
Nine of the first 10 case-patients and none of 20 matched control-patients reported eating or handling alfalfa sprouts (matched odds ratios were undefined [zero in denominator]; 95% confidence interval 3.4 to [infinity]; p<0.001).
coli, Salmonella, or other harmful organisms in animal feces may contaminate alfalfa sprouts sold in the market.
Because alfalfa sprouts and salads were the most commonly mentioned items in the hypothesis-generating interviews, the questionnaire focused on these food items.
Salad containing celery, chicory, spring onions and alfalfa sprouts.
But outbreaks have also been traced to lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and unpasteurized apple juice.
Wash raw produce, such as salad greens and alfalfa sprouts, in chlorinated water (1 teaspoon chlorine bleach to 1 quart water), drain, and, if chlorine odor is noticeable, rinse well.
In June and July 1997, simultaneous outbreaks of Escherichia coli O157:H7 infection in Michigan and Virginia were independently associated with eating alfalfa sprouts grown from the same seed lot.
Some proper mud-covered organic salad, alfalfa sprouts or spuds from The Natural Choice health shop, grains of sand in their shoes and a stick of rock, if you must
A salmonella outbreak this week has prompted a recall of alfalfa sprouts grown at the Auburn, Wash., agribusiness Harmony Farms.
Raw seed sprouts have become a popular food item in the United States; in a recent population-based survey, 7% of respondents had eaten alfalfa sprouts in the 5 days before the interview (2).
"For example, recent outbreaks of Salmonella have been associated with cantaloupe, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts," says Swerdlow.