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Miranda, Synthesis and an- algesic properties of 5-acyl/arylhydrazone-1H- pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine derivatives, Pharm.
Current analgesic and anti-hyperalgesic pharmacotherapy is insufficient to control persistent algesic states.
Exclusion criteria were the patients having teeth with immature roots contraindications to any opioid or non-opioid an- algesic including aspirin or NSAIDs history of active peptic ulcer within the preceding 12 months history of bleeding problems or anticoagulant use within the last month mentally retarded patients known hy- pertensive/ allergic patients and patients with known hepatic impairment patients who were pregnant or breast-feeding with a history of known or suspected drug abuse and patients who had taken sedative/ hypnotic drug within 12 hours before administration of the study drugs.