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The character of property that makes it capable of sale or transfer.

Absent a restriction in the owner's right, interests in real property and tangible Personal Property are generally freely and fully alienable by their nature. Likewise, many types of intangible personal property, such as a patent or trade mark, are alienable forms of property. By comparison, constitutional rights of life, liberty, and property are not transferable and, thus, are termed inalienable. Similarly, certain forms of property, such as employee security benefits, are typically not subject to transfer on the part of the owner and are inalienable forms of property.


in the law of property, transferable to another owner.
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The use of property language to designate the locus of decisionmaking authority also needs to be distinguished from its use to designate certain bodily material as alienable.
The boundary between entities perceived as inalienable and those considered alienable differs among different languages and different cultures.
Labor itself is alienable too: namely, labor under orders of another and on matters belonging in whole or in part to another.
The crisis that both the anxieties about social mobility and the sumptuary laws speak to is precisely about the line between the two kinds or classes of properties Radin discusses: is status, or more particularly, the properties attached to certain status categories, alienable or not?
121) His solution is to make these rights alienable, so that when it would make everyone (including all those who hold these rights) better off to waive these rights, then the Pareto principle would prevail.
26) Theories like F* and F** violate independence because they take alienable rights to fairness seriously.
He said self-determination through referendum was enshrined in the 1998's Constitution of Sudan as an alienable right of the people of South Sudan which would have been exercised in a referendum [in 2001], about nine years ago.
The land then became the property of tribal members in fee simple, fully alienable and taxable.
Under the proposal, the areas that will be freed from the said restriction include: exploitation, development and utilization of natural resources, ownership of alienable lands, franchise on public utilities, practice of profession, ownership of educational institutions, mass media and advertising.
Veloso's group proposed that areas to be deregulated from restrictive constitutional provisions will include the following: exploitation, development, and utilization of natural resources; ownership of alienable lands; franchise on public utilities; practice of profession; ownership of educational institutions; mass media and advertising.
In their explanatory note, Alvarez and Farinas cited the urgent need to declare landholdings in the Kalayaan Group alienable and disposable to 'promote permanent dwelling and develop a viable source of livelihood for the residents therein.
He also recommended that the President issue a proclamation reclassifying the DPPF lands as alienable and disposable before the Bucor is allowed to enter into agreements for the concession of its property, subject to bidding requirements under the law.