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The character of property that makes it capable of sale or transfer.

Absent a restriction in the owner's right, interests in real property and tangible Personal Property are generally freely and fully alienable by their nature. Likewise, many types of intangible personal property, such as a patent or trade mark, are alienable forms of property. By comparison, constitutional rights of life, liberty, and property are not transferable and, thus, are termed inalienable. Similarly, certain forms of property, such as employee security benefits, are typically not subject to transfer on the part of the owner and are inalienable forms of property.

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in the law of property, transferable to another owner.
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Axiom No 3: Locally or globally relevant supra-individual risks for inalienable property justify a coordination of affected self-owners independent from alienable property.
This is to forget that arguments for slavery included arguments which took individual freedom for granted, but which understood that freedom as alienable. On such views, slavery was justified in at least those cases where it was entered into by a free act (in exchange for escaping from destitution, for example).
The German people therefore commit themselves to alienable human rights." The act further pledged that the country would honour "the individual right to asylum".
705 (the Forestry Code), which states that 'no land of the public domain 18 percent in slope (or about 10.2 degrees) shall be classified as alienable and disposable, Mila Rimando, Cordillera director of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda), told a recent meeting of the Regional Development Council (RDC).
The bill will also expand it to include alienable and disposable public lands and municipal waters of the expansion areas.
Under the draft federal charter's Section 3, unless otherwise provided by law, private corporations or associations may not hold such alienable lands of the public domain except by lease, for a period not exceeding 25 year, renewable for not more than 25 years and not to exceed 1,000 hectares in area.
There has to be a declaration by the state that the land is alienable,' he explained when asked for his legal opinion on the matter.
No to that alienable request and yes to our president's inalienable, wise and bold historical decision", he added.
Below are some of these headlines:- HM the King orders prompt arresting of the terrorists; emphasizing that it is everybody's duty to denounce such alienable acts of violence and terrorism.
It said that both Abbas and the Palestinian leadership are committed to the national alienable rights.
"Talks for cooperation, based on the alienable rights of the Iranian nation, must be put on the table in Baghdad," Jalili said.