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The chief negotiator talked of "the alienated segment of the Islamic population", mostly the young generation but not necessarily members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who are prone to be influenced deeply by the radicals.
BEIRUT: Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East are not alienated communities, the Preparatory Committee for the Christians of the Levant Convention said Monday.
Demographically, the poll found that some people feel more alienated than others.
People who say they feel alienated or even think that they feel alienated by people speaking Welsh in Wales should have it explained to them how the Welsh have survived the ethnic cleansing of their language and culture by those who have been brainwashed that there is a master race.
The Judge issued a far-reaching order transferring custody of the children forthwith to their father and expressly permitting him to remove the children from Canada to attend a special program in the United States called the Family Workshop for Alienated Children.
He is missing his sister badly, and feels alienated from just about everyone.
A ministry of welcoming alienated Catholics has sprung up in the last few decades, and in many cases, these ministries can teach some lessons to the greater church.
Since the September 11 and the 7/7 attacks the Muslim community feel alienated.
Even though they feel alienated from politicians, Black youth still involve themselves in politics as much as their peers, the study found.
How the Party I Loved Became the Enemy of My Religion is the personal testimony of devout Catholic David Carlin, who became increasingly alienated from the changes in the Democratic party.
That alienated feeling is mutual, as Iraqis view the United States with increasing anger.
But they do have to deal with consignment to an alienated consumerism devoid of all opportunity to contribute to their communities.