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There are those younger members of their communities who feel alienated more and more from the government.
The firm said neither the economy nor unemployment appear to drive how alienated people feel, given fewer people feel alienated today than they did when the economy was booming in the 1990s.
The Judge issued a far-reaching order transferring custody of the children forthwith to their father and expressly permitting him to remove the children from Canada to attend a special program in the United States called the Family Workshop for Alienated Children.
He is missing his sister badly, and feels alienated from just about everyone.
A ministry of welcoming alienated Catholics has sprung up in the last few decades, and in many cases, these ministries can teach some lessons to the greater church.
I myself have face Islamophobic remarks on a regular basis and it's not a nice feeling, being alienated for something that you condemn.
What is somewhat surprising is that [Black youth] haven't completely checked out of the political system and don't feel completely alienated from society," says Dr.
Mintz counts at least sixty movies, in the Fifties alone, that portrayed alienated and depraved teens rejecting their parents and searching elsewhere for love and security.
Parents who have suffered the terrible hurt of having a child grow distant from them seize upon the theory of PAS and feel vindicated if an evaluator can determine that the child has been alienated.
If some feel "alienated," I wonder if they know how alienated mainstream Episcopalians feel about the decision to elect a gay bishop in New Hampshire and to bless same-sex unions without any vote of the worldwide church?
Then again, many Democrats he may have mollified with that choice are likely to be alienated again by his picking Steve Schmidt - now an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney - to manage his campaign.
Bardwell's--I mean Dorian's--story is that he's an alienated high-school fashion victim who is bad at sports.