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To voluntarily convey or transfer title to real property by gift, disposition by will or the laws of Descent and Distribution, or by sale.

For example, a seller may alienate property by transferring to a buyer a parcel of the seller's land containing a house, in exchange for cash. The seller is said to have alienated her rights in that parcel, such as the right to modify or even demolish the house on the parcel of land, to the buyer. Those rights now belong to the buyer.

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to transfer the ownership of property or title to another person.
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ALIENATE, aliene, alien. This is a generic term applicable to the various methods of transferring property from one person to another. Lord Coke, says, (1 Inst. 118 b,) alien cometh of the verb alienate, that is, alienum facere vel ex nostro dominio in alienum trawferre sive rem aliquam in dominium alterius transferre. These methods vary, according to the nature of the property to be conveyed and the particular objects the conveyance is designed to accomplish. It has been held, that under a prohibition to alienate, long leases are comprehended. 2 Dow's Rep. 210.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Len dismissed claims that the areas alienated to the Radiant Lagoon have been claimed by the local communities as their native customary land, saying the state government did not receive any official application from the local communities on this.
The growth of media and alienated class in Pakistan have grown together with the fact that having moved largely from the previously parochial status they find less solace to their problems with rising sense of deprivation which liable to lead them into frustration-aggression in a situation where there is lack of good social, judicial and administration institutions essential to address such kind of situations.
The commission said the land was alienated for public utilities and was fully developed with a High Court station, district hospital, fire station and Administration Police camp.
"Diana's family and Fergie's family, they used to complain that their families were alienated and weren't part of the royal circle.
New Delhi [India] Jan 3 ( ANI ): As the debate over President's Rule in Jammu and Kashmir resumed in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched a broadside on the Congress, accusing the party of leaving the Valley alienated with their past "mistakes" which were "hurting" Kashmir.
Without a developmental vision for the region, people will only be further alienated. CPEC is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the federal and the province as a result of a political solution.
New Delhi: People were feeling "completely depressed" and "alienated" this festive season, reflecting the economic situation following demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax(GST), Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Yadav said here on Wednesday.
The chief negotiator talked of "the alienated segment of the Islamic population", mostly the young generation but not necessarily members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who are prone to be influenced deeply by the radicals.
BEIRUT: Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East are not alienated communities, the Preparatory Committee for the Christians of the Levant Convention said Monday.
The people he is alienating are probably his core voters and also a lot of other people who support what the union is doing will feel alienated as well.
While others may feel less alienated under President Obama, Jasper is an outlier.
The tourist board should encourage the NHS and the hotels to have a helpline number for any tourist who feels alienated by people speaking Welsh in Wales.