alienation of property

See: conveyance
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The Government decided to authorize the Mayor of Yerevan to sign contracts that will define the rights and liabilities of the State and the acquirer throughout the process of alienation of property in the area enclosed by the Main Avenue, Abovyan, Buzand, Yeznik Koghbatsi and Aram streets in Yerevan.
The alienation of property for public needs defined in the law may be effected upon the decision of the court with ensuring of prior and equitable compensation for the value of such property as well as for other losses incurred as a result of such alienation.
In an era of profound preoccupation with lineage and the significance of property in embodying this sense of lineage, these same citizens came to be threatened by the alienation of property into the hands of their female relatives who were professed nuns.
Nationalization is seen by the draft law as an exceptional form of alienation of property and will be carried out to ensure national security of the Kyrgyz Republic, including security in economic, environmental and information spheres.