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"We were particularly impressed with the Align workstation's structural support, sturdiness and heavy gauge metal,' said Lemay.
By creating parallel interests with all customer groups, the individual interests of many are powerfully aligned with the welfare of the whole.
Raising the awareness of potential tax risk consequences within an organization, as well as the need to align tax risk with the overall corporate risk profile, is critical.
The leader's task is to align leadership, strategies and employees with the solid pillar called vision and have them anchored on a firm foundation of values and culture.
In this phase, the sheets readily align in moderate fields.
Since its discovery in 1906, rubbing to align liquid crystals has been developed into a high art.
Caputo joins Align as Senior Program Manager for its Workplace Technology group.
The defensive end on the side of the walk-up linebacker will align in a 4 technique.
Many companies do not fully understand or utilize the powerful leverage of a system like MarginMax, which focuses on gross margin as the leverage point and integrates all the key drivers of gross margin into a comprehensive improvement program that aligns from strategy to daily execution.
SchoolNet,, identifies underperforming schools and how to align curriculum to the standards.
They have learned that vision is a view of corporate goals and objectives; that alignment is mustering the "troops" behind these goals and objectives; and that empowerment is creating an environment or atmoshphere where people can readily align themselves behind the goals and objectives and proceed to accomplish them.
Align Technology and Straumann Group announced that they have reached an agreement to settle all currently outstanding patent disputes in the U.S., the U.K.