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In addition to a review of their existing processes and a project that saw council departments sharing data more efficiently, the Aligned Assets business database has been used to identify business premises that are potentially going unbilled for business rates.
If the interests of those involved in the success of the company--all the customers--are aligned in parallel, then all will win.
In your organization, are the essential elements of vision, leadership, strategies, employees, culture and values scattered and blurred, or aligned, clear and effective?
These teams developed a lesson plan, an assessment activity and a rubric that was aligned with the algebra standard.
It was all aligned with the division's curriculum, which was aligned to the state's Standards of Learning, Taylor says.
The morphological and structural characteristics of the fiber aggregates of a thermomechanical pulp obtained in this study indicate a preferential radial orientation of fibers (mostly aligned parallel to the refiner bars) and a rolling mode refining.
8220;We now have over 30% of all English Fire and Rescue Services using products from the Bluelight range of gazetteer solutions,” explained Andy Hird, Managing Director of Aligned Assets.
Participants were told to pay attention only to vertically aligned pairs on half the trials and only to horizontally aligned pairs on the rest.
For example, if the first defender inside a playside guard is the backside linebacker and a playside linebacker blitzes the inside gap, the guard must block the playside linebacker even though the LB was not aligned inside of him.
I have now aligned programs with new curriculum standards numerous times through the years, prior to seeking accreditation or submitting proposals for funding.