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- Aligned DCI Access Secure, low-latency, high- resiliency and cost-effective Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Access, enabling connectivity from customers' own facilities or managed infrastructure, to and between all Aligned data centers and connected CSPs.
The significant funding with Goldman Sachs positions us to aggressively address the exponential growth and strong demand were seeing in the industry, said Andrew Schapp, CEO of Aligned Energy, in a news release.
My challenge to all of you is just this; that in 2018 you would bring the culture and customs of values that are ALIGNED with our tribe to WHEREVER you may find yourself this year.
In addition to a review of their existing processes and a project that saw council departments sharing data more efficiently, the Aligned Assets business database has been used to identify business premises that are potentially going unbilled for business rates.
By creating parallel interests with all customer groups, the individual interests of many are powerfully aligned with the welfare of the whole.
This is an opportunity for both the company and the tax director to move toward an improved tax department of the future that is closely aligned with the goals and business strategies of the company.
In your organization, are the essential elements of vision, leadership, strategies, employees, culture and values scattered and blurred, or aligned, clear and effective?
These teams developed a lesson plan, an assessment activity and a rubric that was aligned with the algebra standard.
The dimple on the piston crown--which must be aligned with the front of the engine--is mimicked by the rod, which is rounded around one cap bolt, but not the other.
The district also implemented Compass Learning software, aligned it with the district's curriculum in all grades and content areas, and reinforced such topics as butterflies, for example, using technology.
Measurements in the aligned state reveal that the bilayer sheets are not homogeneous but have defects, probably due to perforations lined with the short chain detergent molecules.