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Then the relationship of tire F&M characteristics and on-center steering response was analyzed and the tire aligning torque at low slip angle was found to control vehicle on-center steering response.
The second objective is to investigate tire design parameters to control aligning torque at a slip angle of 1[degrees].
Relationship between On-Center Steering Response and Tire Aligning Torque
He added, "The results are hugely significant because they mean that teachers can concentrate on the program content while remaining confident that their instruction is automatically aligning to the numerous tests their students are required to take.
Of those people who identified with managing projects successfully in their organizations, 63 percent had a PMO in place and a process for aligning projects with strategy.
The survey revealed that 83 percent of the organizations with a process in place for aligning projects to strategy reported no more than 25 percent redundancy in projects, while 35 percent of organizations with no such process in place experienced significantly greater project redundancy.
Saba enables The Aligned Enterprise(TM) by aligning goals, developing and motivating people, and measuring results -- driving greater organizational performance.
We determined we needed a program that would give our teachers the tools they need for planning and aligning resources to standards with an end goal of improving academic proficiency for our 28,500 students PLATO Orion provided the best platform to help us meet that goal," said Linda Clark, superintendent, Meridian Joint School District.
The new Innovation in Performance Management Award program was created by Synygy to honor those companies that have undertaken innovative approaches to aligning, measuring, rewarding, reporting, and analyzing performance within their organizations.
Synygy's core business consists of Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) solutions, as well as solutions for aligning, measuring, rewarding, reporting, and analyzing employee performance.