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Then the relationship of tire F&M characteristics and on-center steering response was analyzed and the tire aligning torque at low slip angle was found to control vehicle on-center steering response.
The second objective is to investigate tire design parameters to control aligning torque at a slip angle of 1[degrees].
Relationship between On-Center Steering Response and Tire Aligning Torque
Cornering force and aligning torque relative to slip angle were measured by using Flat Trac for two tire samples which were used in vehicle on-center steering measurement.
However Tire B shows higher aligning torque by 9~25% up to 4[degrees] slip angle than Tire A.
The case that aligning torque in lower slip angle is higher than Tire A was not been tested in this measurement.
It is necessary to understand how tire design parameters have an effect on aligning torque stiffness to control on-center steering response during tire development.
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