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In order to ensure the high efficiency of the automatic assembly equipment and successful mating during the assembly operation, the efforts have been made in the area of the parts alignment research and development of the assembly devices, as well as various alignment and insertion strategies.
The mean distance between all points of the two alignments of ATOS data is 0.
The alignment should be six or seven yards from the receiver simply because this will give the corner enough cushion on the receiver.
At its January meeting, the rail authority's board whittled the list of local rail options down to two possible alignments, dropping from consideration a route that would have followed the California Aqueduct over the Tehachapi Mountains and across the western Antelope Valley.
Alignment options will include southern approaches to the Bay Area through the Pacheco Pass east of Gilroy and eastern approaches through the Altamont Pass east of Livermore.
Proprietary Wheel Alignment Technology Reduces Tire Wear and Cuts Diagnostic Process to 90 Seconds or Less
This second defensive stunt can evolve from any of the previous defensive alignments only after the initial inbounded pass.
The consultants would review proposals for an alignment either following the Golden State Freeway corridor through Santa Clarita's west side or running through the Antelope Valley and south through Canyon Country.
scheduled to vote on key route alignments during its December
We will assume a base six-man front an define alignments, keys, and responsibilities.
Today, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) unveiled staff recommendations for four remaining key route alignments within California's proposed high-speed train system.