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The one-step global optimization system is part of the vendor's offering of photonics alignment engines ranging from software-driven stage solutions to integrated sixaxis hexapod micro-robots with built-in alignment functionality.
The coronal alignments, on the other hand, did not show any statistical difference.
In order to ensure the high efficiency of the automatic assembly equipment and successful mating during the assembly operation, the efforts have been made in the area of the parts alignment research and development of the assembly devices, as well as various alignment and insertion strategies.
In addition, the alignments judged ideal by the PI and the dancers' teacher differed by one degree or less for both dancers, suggesting that ideal pelvic alignment is an assessment on which dance teachers can agree, even though it is subtle and may be difficult for those without specialized training to see.
The mean distance between all points of the two alignments of ATOS data is 0.
Places all three linemen in a head-up foot-to-foot alignment on the offensive linemen.
Several studies show that alignment "cancels out" more traditional predictors of student achievement such as socioeconomic status, gender, race and teacher effect.
Global and local alignments are often performed sequentially.
It can then quickly FIX those alignments errors without changing the setup.
Processing overhead depends on the number of tasks performed and the number of alignments the analyzer requires to achieve specified performance, as shown in Figure 2.