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Align professional development with actual curriculum and assessments.
The most important thing to remember is that we always want the front to align to the wide side of the field (i.
He becomes responsible for the DE who aligns head up to outside of the TE.
Polecat 3: Everyone aligns the same, but the FB and RSB run different routes and the QB rolls to the right.
Align head-up over the OG, a half-yard off ball, with feet parallel and either hand down.
The tackle (T) aligns to the call and the weakside tackle (our Nose man) aligns away from the wing.
5 OMITTED], the weak DT aligns in a one technique over the OG and plays the weak A-gap, while the strong DT aligns in a three technique over the OG and plays the strong B-gap.
A "one" technique - aligns in the gap to his left (between OT and OG).