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Align professional development with actual curriculum and assessments.
For example, if the ball is in the middle of the field and the #1 wide receiver is aligned on or past the numbers, the C to that side must align 1-2 yards inside the receiver and 7 yards deep.
Achieving gross margin objectives through alignment, the second area related to sales effectiveness -- admittedly tough and emotional -- means the sales organization must be aligned with the company's gross margin objectives and must assume ownership of gross margins.
If the DE aligns head-up, the TE will not block him, unless he crashes into the C gap.
X will align accordingly, bringing an eighth defender into the box.
#9 aligns in C gap and gives appearance of working that gap.
Polecat 3: Everyone aligns the same, but the FB and RSB run different routes and the QB rolls to the right.
Align head-up over the OG, a half-yard off ball, with feet parallel and either hand down.
The tackle (T) aligns to the call and the weakside tackle (our Nose man) aligns away from the wing.
The MLB (Mike) aligns 4.5 yards over the C and is responsible for both A gaps.
A "one" technique - aligns in the gap to his left (between OT and OG).
The defensive end on the side of the walk-up linebacker will align in a 4 technique.