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With the help of his grandfather and cousin, Salvatore is given the confidence to push forward with a secret performance of his own special making that wins the crowd over, proving that people and bugs alike can see the beauty in something new.
We then learn that dolphins and humans breed alike, carry babies alike, and have babies alike.
Breaking it down further, 55 percent of "White/Caucasian" respondents said Caucasians and minorities are treated alike.
Sales are about to start at this 90-unit luxury residence, which caters to the needs of upscale, active New Yorkers and Westchester natives alike.
The strategy appears to have produced its desired effect, as scrap dealers and mill buyers alike report that price negotiations in February and for March have mills offering much lower bids for prime grades.
The management of electronic records poses sometimes heady challenges for organizations and records and information management professionals, alike, on a daily basis.
In the final scene of the video, a President Bush look alike kisses Saddam on the cheek.
If true, it would be the first example of economically correct reporting about this subject as prices do rise as supplies shrink--something politicians and journalists alike forget when prices rise momentarily following a natural disaster.
Overall, the book was meant to be an educational tool for toxicologists and nontoxicologists alike, but falls slightly short of this goal.
However, whenever it strikes within a law enforcement agency, it can have long-lasting effects on officers and administrators alike.
By celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus, year by year we are regularly confronted with a question that has been around since that birth, confounding theologians, philosophers, believers and non-believers alike.