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For example, Janusz Bogucki's wrote of Menace: "a crowd of numbered creatures, anonymous in their alikeness, like statistical persons, a crowd running as frightened people do, but at the same time menacing in its blind push.
23 September 2010 - Switzerland's largest retailer Migros has reached an agreement with Unilever to change the name of its "Jane & Mary's" ice cream brand settling a controversy about the alikeness of the names of "Jane & Mary's" and Unilever's best seller "Ben & Jerry's".
Walter Benjamin addressed this issue in his essay "The Task of the Translator" when he wrote: "If the kinship of languages manifests itself in translations, this is not accomplished through a vague alikeness between adaptation and original.
For political purposes, the message of alikeness with the European neighbors in terms of (industrial) standards, moral, ethics, sociality etc rather than difference would be absolutely necessary to emphasize.