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Alimentary tract morphology of selected North Atlantic shes in relation to food habits.
The mucosal lining within alimentary tract duplications does not necessarily correspond with the adjacent normal intestine and may display components of several different types of GI tract mucosa.
Surgical treatment of the alimentary tract duplications depends on the specific anatomical location of the lesion and its relation to the adjacent organs and vessels.
For each species, conidia in the alimentary tract did not germinate, as previously described in R.
Carnivores such as large felines may acquire the infection through the alimentary tract by eating infected meat (4).
These cysts have usually been reported along the alimentary tract, from the esophagus to the colon, (10'12) and in the gallbladder, pancreas, lungs, larynx, and urinary bladder.
An autopsy revealed that there was a mechanical injury to her alimentary tract resulting from the swallowing of a rubber ball.
Moose had earlier formation of thyroid and adrenal glands, thymus, ossification centers in the skeleton, and of characteristic structures in the organs of the alimentary tract in comparison with domestic animals.
As soon as we obtained the specimen, the alimentary tract was opened and its contents (if any) were removed.
Although the alimentary tract figures in Shakespearean physiology far less than it does in Spenser's, both writers "imagine the self as a fragile construction barely containing the physiological and psychological pressures of desire" (73).
Studies consistently have shown that people who eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and grains have a reduced risk of many types of cancer, including lung, alimentary tract, liver, pancreas, bladder, kidney, breast, endometrium, cervix and prostate.