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The time and attention given to tending to our backyard gardens, our larger communities, our pubic health infrastructure, and our approach to addressing emerging infections will be apparent and on display when hat inevitable exploding aliveness occurs.
Can Ankajan give an authenticated statement on Prabhakaran's aliveness and where he is presently living?
My client realizes this is his punctum, remembering the picture, how her aliveness appeared captured there in the photograph, it is most of all her defiant spirit that stands out, crystallised, in his memory, there in the white man's shirt she wore, her dark spiky hair, so radical for its time, and yet, my client feels keenly, the possibility, no, he corrects himself, the probability of her death--that all of them, in fact, have to be dead.
I have called it the chimeric on four grounds: (i) that it seems to disrupt the normal flow of perception and push it towards fantasy or reverie, (2) that this fantasy tends toward concatenation and juxtaposition, creating imaginary or fantastical images of porcupines, snakes, sea-shells, or phantom soldiers all dressed in white, (3) that these concatenations and juxtapositions lead us to posit the existence of something other than what it is that we are perceiving, and (4) that we often impute a state of aliveness to this something-other.
If opera usually kills its protagonists, Grover-Friedlander argues that opera can also represent the ways in which the voice, singing, or song obtain their own forms of aliveness.
I love that combination of drowsiness and wide awake and happy to be aliveness that I often get in the early morning when the world feels as though it's entirely mine.
True Acting Tips: A Path to Aliveness, Freedom, Passion, and Vitality" is a guide to the higher level of theater, as Larry Silverberg outlines his own techniques in becoming a better actor, and bringing about genuine humanity on the stage, and communicating that humanity to the crowd.
Following the fantastic landing of Curiosity on Mars, ChemCam proceeded with an aliveness test within an hour of landing.
He concerned himself with little beyond aliveness, discovery, in the present moment.