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Think of pre-implantation genetic screening, where you produce 10 embryos, subject them to all kinds of genetic tests, choose the ones that you think are healthy and promising, and discard the ones that aren't.
As I noted in my article, I called the All Kinds of Minds Institute specifically to ask for more research-oriented publications and was directed to (among others) Developmental Variation and Learning Disorders, to which Harman refers (although I read the 1999 second edition, not the first edition she mentions).
Salaam: Like in Home on the Range and Experimental Death Unit, you have people talking all kinds of stuff.
They were symbolic representations of all kinds of "unconscious feelings", like "discouragement" or frustrated "assertiveness".
When that reporting is done, as you mentioned, there's all kinds of concern.
We have all kinds of stories available to us through the contemporary mass media, which means we also get our "news" from fiction, humor, gossip, contests, jokes, and songs.

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