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Kinko's Founder Paul Orfalea reflected on his learning journey in the foreword to Schools for All Kinds of Minds.
We know that a struggle with learning does not mean you're disabled; it means you learn differently," Orfalea shares in the book and adds, "Mary-Dean's book describes an approach that will help school leaders transform our schools into learning centers for all kinds of students.
Schools for All Kinds of Minds shows how schools can - and must - develop expertise in "learning variation" and apply this knowledge to classroom instruction.
I applaud the interest All Kinds of Minds has taken in evaluating the program, but I dispute that existing research has shown much of anything, least of all that the program is ready for statewide support.
23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- All Kinds of Minds, a national nonprofit dedicated to translating the latest research about how students learn into training and tools that equip educators to better reach all learners, today recognized more than 25 Schools of Distinction.
Schools selected as All Kinds of Minds Schools of Distinction have committed to implementation of the All Kinds of Minds philosophy and approach into their curricula and school culture and have trained more than 50 percent of their staff using All Kinds of Minds' programs.
These outstanding schools have embraced the All Kinds of Minds philosophy and programs to do amazing work with students," said Mary-Dean Barringer, All Kinds of Minds CEO and co-author of a forthcoming book entitled, Schools for All Kinds of Minds.
Our All Kinds of Minds training opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about learning and teaching, giving us research-based knowledge and strategies to use with our students who learn differently in the regular classroom.
And when you take human beings, when you take human intelligence or that of the higher animals, what you have is life that is becoming neurally aware of itself, has become sensitive to itself, is involved in all kinds of complex feedback systems-evolutionary, social, intellectual, cultural, and so on.
Through all kinds of groups, they have a voice now which they didn't have before.
Then the '60s unleashed the dangers of assassinations and kidnappings and murders, and all kinds of stuff.

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