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When time folds over again, Dire in the midst of lilies adored the disciplinary lily Hangs its head fulfilling the legal balances, Not balances that embrace all, being all-comprehending; But balances that exclude, being but compromise.
White described them as "the excruciating last words of someone crucified by his own exquisite and all-comprehending sensibility." They are unbearably intense, yet more often than not achieve what they set out to--to examine further and in extremis man's perpetual sense of the confinement and antagonism of his own body.
Being hinternational means becoming wise to the all-seeing and all-comprehending cultural givens and to the begrudging nature of givenness that would just as soon take one in as proffer its enabling insight.
"This is our American war-song, good not only for the battle-field, but for the labor-field--the present, still more than the past; for ours are not the 'piping times of peace;' our American life is on the march, filing through the passes of outgrown formalism, outflanking the hosts of slavery, gaining the mountain heights of an all-comprehending vision," wrote an anonymous critic of Drum-Taps in 1865.