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This destructive activity by man was tolerated by the Almighty Providence while the Scriptures were being tampered with, awaiting the Final and All-Comprehensive revelation which was yet to be given to the human race.
There are temporary winners in the system but we do need and hopefully will have an all-comprehensive and acceptable agreement that restores peace and that can end the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
IFAHR Chairman Sami Boenian also confirmed that the launch of an all-comprehensive database website would be finalised soon.
Thus, an all-comprehensive, user-friendly Facebook application for online reservation is being offered to flyers throughout Nigeria.
The chapter discusses God as the Essence, the divine names and their loci, and the all-comprehensive name Allah, further clarifying the influence of Ibn 'ArabI upon Sadra.
Under the headline: (Significance of National Dialogue in Bahrain), the UAE bulletin said that the invitation to dialogue has always been on offer from the Kingdom's wise leadership throughout the past period and that they have always been keen on paving the political grounds to help this all-comprehensive and constructive dialogue in order to achieve its objectives in order to build understandings on an all-encompassing national foundation, asserting that the dialogue table is open to accommodates everybody regarding all disputed issues and that this has firmly pushed all matters to attain their present status in terms of deciding a date for dialogue in which all political components participate.
Although these databases allow researchers to acquire and sift through large amounts of published articles rather expediently, they are not all-comprehensive and in some studies, database-based searches identified only 46% to 51% of RCTs.
Here chapter 1 demonstrates how al-Qadl 'Iyad al-Yahsubi broke down the life of Muhammad into innumerable individual events from which he derived an all-comprehensive set of doctrines that demanded absolute obedience.
In this last post she led the successful Conservative battle to stop the Labour Government compelling local authorities to make schools all-comprehensive, a battle that was to be re-fought years later.
They say, although grammar schools usually achieve outstanding results, overall standards locally are often lower than in all-comprehensive areas.
Indeed, the claim that Bunton's guidelines are all-comprehensive to evaluate media reviews is really an assertion, not a fact, because it omits Vital aspects of journalism.
Expanding and further exploring what she had analyzed in her book on D'Annunzio (I sacrifici umani: D'Annunzio antropologo e rituale, Napoli: Liguori, 1991), Rosamaria LaValva, in "Paradigmi sacrificali di fine Ottocento," investigates the all-comprehensive role of sacrifices in D'Annunzio's opus, where he seeks to transpose into the victim fear and death and thus absorb the victim's purity and vitality in an attempt to recreate life through death.