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Men were required to grow beards and women had to wear the all-covering burka.
Under the Taliban's five-year rule, women were banned from leaving home without a male guardian, denied education and forced to wear the all-covering burqa.
Taking away previously protected civil liberties, the Taliban enforced public executions, banned most forms of mass entertainment, and required women to don an all-covering burqa and men to grow their beards.
Doubtlessly, at the modern market the consumer, confused by the all-covering advertising, make his choice from the endless goods mass, being led by the ^invisible hand of monopolies)).
Earlier, the owner of a house used to shoot at the IEC building said that three guards were present at the time it was taken by Taliban militants who had disguised themselves as women in the traditional Islamic, all-covering burqa.
The discussion ranged to abortion, too, and even whether a female worker could be forced to wear an all-covering burka.
When in power, the Taliban imposed a harsh version of Islamic law that banned television, music and cinema, stopped girls from going to school and forced woman to wear the all-covering burqa.
A short stroll away in Tehran's bustling Grand Bazaar, women shoppers, in the all-covering black cloak-like chador and hijab, are looking for bargains.
KABUL (PAN): The attackers, who targeted several government institutions and foreign embassies in Kabul, wore all-covering burqas to enter an under-construction building, eyewitnesses said on Monday.
In France, wearing a burqa--the all-covering garment that hides the entire body except eyes and hands--in public is punishable by a 150 euro ($217) fine only.
In France, wearing a burqa - the all-covering garment that hides the entire body except eyes and hands - in public is punishable by a 150 euro ($217) fine only.
Let's throw into the increasingly acrimonious debate that leading Saudi Muslim clerics immediately responded to the French ban by issuing to French women citizens a prohibition from wearing the all-covering burqa and niqab, thus undermining any 'religious requirement' argument; that predominantly Islamic Turkey and Egypt have already banned the niqab; that Muslim Syria has recently banned the niqab from public and private universities; and that the Muslim Canada Congress actually called for a burqa ban in Canada.