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Caretaker Minister of State for Administrative Development Mohammad Fneish ruled out the formation of an all-embracing government that excludes the FPM, adding that his party, Hezbollah, would remain committed to the memorandum of understanding inked with the FPM in February 2006.
Commenting on Aoun's stance, a political source said the FPM leader had blocked the way for consensus on an all-embracing Cabinet.
He added that Hezbollah officials were still involved in last-minute mediation efforts to resolve the row over ministerial rotation in an all-embracing Cabinet based on an 8-8-8 lineup.
BEIRUT: President Michel Sleiman said he would back a neutral Cabinet if efforts to form an all-embracing government hit a dead end, as Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement continued to rebuff efforts by Hezbollah to convince it to give up the Energy Ministry portfolio.
Efforts have intensified to resolve the row over the rotation of key ministerial portfolios in an all-embracing Cabinet in order to avert the option of a neutral government, sources at Bbda Palace said.
To demonstrate the company's aggressively forward-looking outlook, Informix is also announcing its program code named "Arrowhead(TM)" to develop an all-embracing database-management system.
During the meeting, the diplomat said that Moscow was committed to the stability and security of Lebanon and encouraged the formation of an all-embracing government that allows strengthening the domestic scene.
Summary: Progress in efforts to resolve Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun's opposition to the rotation of key ministerial portfolios could pave the way for the formation of an all-embracing Cabinet soon, political sources said Wednesday.
and its affiliates, is an all-embracing global electronics and electrical manufacturer that has more than 1,100 companies throughout the world.
The Minister stressed that the "Nidal Front" position over an all-embracing cabinet has not changed; pointing out that the difficulty of reaching such an issue might impose other options which the Front would not agree on.
Speaker Nabih Berri echoed a similar optimistic tone, saying he expected a new Cabinet to be formed this week as contacts over an all-embracing government persisted.
Norstan was chosen as one of our preferred vendors because of its all-embracing solutions, competitive pricing and the complete support it provides.