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To complicate matters, some members of the Greens in the north feel that a merger is logical as it would send a signal to the wider electorate thatthe party is an all-embracing one.
History blends with social insights and religious coverage in an all-embracing visual display which is highly recommended for high school collections on up.
YET another fine example of our all-embracing Catholic Church.
His boss, Brian Hodgson, dealer pricipal at SCG Peugeot in Middlesbrough, explained that the new manufacturer's workshop staff grading system involved a complex and all-embracing system with 23 separate modules covering every facet of the job.
Pringle writes, "The chemical company that sold powerful, all-embracing new weed killers now also sold seeds that grew into plants especially designed to resist those herbicides.
These early Europeans 'infused their lives with an all-embracing imagination' and centred their beliefs on forests and springs.
Cronenberg is less interested in mapping the schizophrenic psyche as a world apart than in showing that Spider's need to make meaning and to cling to the possibility of an all-embracing love is what makes him fully human.
For most companies, globalization will not be a single all-embracing change, but rather a series of border crossings that will require learning and training.
The Institute has concluded that there is insufficient market demand for an all-embracing qualification of the sort proposed and that the business plan is unviable," states Grenville Johnston, president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Scotland.
iba presents an all-embracing programme as the world's No.
As he sees it, all-embracing Ideas are everywhere present, and are considered an essential ingredient in innovation.