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Vetrugno's embroideries enthrall with the primary attraction of the manual process within a contemporary artistic language and reconnect to the grand tradition of tapestry, which in the palaces of old acted as a backdrop for paintings, combining with stucco work to help make an all-encompassing artwork of the space itself.
With 30 years of experience behind him, he updates this all-encompassing volume that has a do-it-yourself emphasis.
The KYCOS International Registry of Due Diligence and its attendant services offer an all-encompassing solution for financial services providers faced with the administrative burden of anti-money laundering regulations now proliferating worldwide," said John C.
Parker presents Hiphop as an all-encompassing ethos--a theology, if you will--able to unlock consciousness and enlighten.
This alliance marries an all-encompassing technology with world-class expertise in the deployment and management of comprehensive IT-based solutions," stated Elena A.
The current Jewish interpretation of anti-Semitism, however, seems to be so all-encompassing that it is becoming counterproductive.
The reconfiguration of the kunsthalle's architecture through van Kerckhoven's all-encompassing "HeadNursing"--through her care and feeding of the brain via symbols and images--takes up the theme of the permanent change in our perception caused by communication and mobility in today's world.