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During the year, the Company continued to integrate suppliers and service providers from all sectors of the paper-making industry, and optimized the role of providing all-encompassing services for the papermaking industry through the acquisition of the headbox and logistics businesses.
Non-existence of essential benefits like covering precious household items, furniture, artworks or jewellery prompted us to bring in such an all-encompassing home insurance policy.
No body's power would be beefed up at the expense and logic of the state since it remains an all-encompassing framework and ultimate abode for all, Sleiman concluded.
"It is to the detriment of my personal life, but fortunately I have a very understanding family and they understand that that's part of it and that it's all-encompassing. I keep my energy levels as high as I can all the time," he added.
Phones4U founder John Caudwell said he would tackle an "all-encompassing fear" to take part in the charity challenge at The Shard in London A total of 40 fundraisers will descend the 1,016ft (309m) skyscraper - including Ffion Hague, wife of Foreign Secretary William.
The company provides brands and agencies with dedicated managed services and also features the Unified University, an all-encompassing training, continuing education and certification programme.
AN ALL-ENCOMPASSING climate deal "may be beyond our reach for now," UN leader Ban Ki-moon admitted yesterday.
Marshall European Center for Security Studies focusing on the rising security threats and the all-encompassing approach in Berlin on 4-7 April.
Summary: The US$20 billion Downtown Dubai is the world's newest and most all-encompassing urban development.
Major depressive disorder is characterised by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem, and by loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities.
It claimed proponents of "all-encompassing" legislation had failed to mobilise public opinion.
Senate President Zaid Al-Rifai today submitted his resignation to HM King Abdullah II as head and member of the SenateAuthe Upper House of Parliament.AoI was honored to serve under your auspicious and prosperous reign over the past ten years with your all-encompassing generosity and kindness, doing my utmost to be up to your expectations and hold the trust you had bestowed upon me, Ao Rifai wrote in his letter to the Monarch.AoBefore that, I had the honor by Almighty to serve under His Majesty the late King Hussein, may Allah bless his soul in peace, over four decades,Ao he added.Rifai, who served in the political life for 52 year, was appointed Prime Minister in 1974 and 1985, and served as the KingdomAAEs ambassador to Egypt, Lebanon, the UK and the UN