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And although City began the second half on the offensive it was Dumbarton who got the all-important winner in the 59th minute when Graham stuck out a leg to send the ball past Graeme Smith in the City goal.
Orchard Athletic, top of Premier Two with a 100-per-cent record, needed extra-time to foil Travellers in the Glass 2000 Cup, Charlie Jones bagging the all-important goal.
Captain John Terry wants the Blues to prove they have trophy-winning credentials by cementing a great start to the season with four wins in 11 all-important days.
That discovery points a novel way toward drug treatments that could starve tumors of their all-important blood supplies.
Because if we don't do it, others certainly will, and Latin America is our most-needed and all-important labor pool to in-source in the future.
A SECOND try from lock Chris Jones in the third minute of stoppage time earned Sale an all-important bonus point and sank the brave basement club.
When using the Internet, an astute marketer will strive to develop and nurture that all-important one-on-one relationship with customers and potential customers," Crosbie continues.
This uniting potential is all-important in a land which, throughout its long history, has been famous for its divisions.
The handy little thing can also act as an SD memory card portable audio player, of course, so you can chuck out your CD Walkman or MD player (there's an integral speaker, too), and also as a digital IC voice recorder for those all-important high-flying executive memos you'll be getting or making, such as "Honey, your dinner's in the fridge.
These two strategies, plus the all-important physical exercise, provide you with extremely effective, low cost health insurance.