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13-19):Organic Value , revealing the costs behind organic, demonstrating organic is affordable for all-including budget-conscious consumers-and proving organic truly is worth it
The flashcards are in total 7,684 file drawers that are stored in all-including rolling shelves.
The Big Society, so beloved of David Cameron and the new generation of Conservative thinkers, aims to urge people from all backgrounds and political persuasions to work together for the common good, to go the extra mile in the name of an all-including society.
Unlike the wide-eyed players in The Berlin Stories, the protagonist of A Single Man, George, thinks he's seen it all-including his nothing-but-bleak future.
In what the intercultural education is concerned, seen as an all-including educational mission that is aimed at the entire educational system, two tendencies may be differentiated in Romania.
The answer lies in the all-including attitude of the group of players Everton possess.
A more generous basic State pension that would rise with earnings and be given as of right to all-including women and carers.
Parkes anticipates times "when some great thought, new cloth'd in form, / Shall rise and take the world by storm, / The all-including Church restore, / And make us Catholic once more" (ll.
While there will be items of interest to all-including all of his lake house's furniture (dining room set, outdoor furniture, sofas, chairs, tables, etc.
See Russell Engler, And Justice for All-Including the Unrepresented Poor: Revisiting the Roles of the Judges, Mediators, and Clerks, 67 FORDHAM L.
Bowne Global Solutions (BGS), which employs 2,000 employees in 24 countries, provides interpreters for hundreds of in-person and over-the-phone assignments every day, in the widest range of available languages-over 250 in all-including rare languages and dialects.