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But, he declined to sign the cease-fire agreement saying the agreement could not reasonably be called "nationwide" for lack of all-inclusiveness.
Promotion of the principle of all-inclusiveness in the regional cooperation, with the aim of providing conditions for even socioeconomic development in the region;
Where Sonos also excels is in its all-inclusiveness.
From Hitchcock's landmark program to today, college health has continued to be "cutting edge," Grace told The Nation's Health, noting that college health has always been on the forefront of issues related to acceptance and all-inclusiveness.
Or, as is more likely, is Wilson grappling here with describing the indescribable, and therefore resorting to a technique of all-inclusiveness in order to avoid delimiting the expansiveness of his subject?
In this connection, the author engages in a stimulating discussion of the Neo-Hindus' emphasis on direct personal experience and the transformative character of Indian philosophy as dariana, and argues that this understanding of dartana is irrelevant for classical and medieval facts "since those connotations of the immediacy of personal experience and the all-inclusiveness they wished to attribute are alien to it" (p.
It follows Wittgenstein's practice of yielding to the temptations of all-inclusiveness, recovering onself by recollecting what from childhood one has always known, acknowledging one's immediate circumstances, and so dispelling the philosophical obstacle to continuing.
Chairwoman of the Arab Women Organisation reminds that Tunisia has wholeheartedly adhered to the system of human rights in their universality and all-inclusiveness and has also been among the first countries to ratify CEDAW and its relevant protocol.
Clearly, the ambition is to condense and provide an exhaustive account of the river from the Wiltshire borders through London to the sea, but the impression this precipitous style leaves is that of indiscriminate all-inclusiveness.
Frost, a die-hard humanist, countered claims made for the all-inclusiveness of science, which he categorized as "merely one of the humanities.
Despite this attempt at all-inclusiveness, this clause was poorly drafted because it left too much room for the tenant to challenge the landlord's calculation.

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