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The refusal to embrace their political responsibilities bespeaks an all-pervading nihilist attitude.
Clouds of early Michaelmas daisies provide complementary contrasts to the all-pervading glow from golds and reds.
This melody is sung in praise of the all-pervading, imperishable, self-luminous lord, Ek Onkar who is the supreme master of the past, present and the future.
Rawalpindi -- Dhoke Syedan, a densely populated area of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, has turned into a cesspool as unattended garbage, bubbled gutters and all-pervading stench have become synonymous with the municipality.
At least they're trying to invoke the spirit of tragically axed Total Wipeout, which for four years single-handedly (Strictly aside) cut through BBC1's all-pervading gloom and pumped fun into primetime, with Ninja Warrior UK.
ere is a type of wine that could combat an Easter egg's sweetness yet its subtle nuances would be wasted in chocolate's all-pervading grip.
Instead, the tension comes from an awful, all-pervading sense of bad, bad things about to happen.
Some appeared dazed, others relieved, but the all-pervading sense was that of joy brought on by the realisation that they had broken their decade-long Gulf Cup jinx.
Allah is He Who meets the needs of all of His creations and is the Sufficient One (Al-Kafi), the All-Pervading (Al-Muheet) and has the power to do what He wishes as He so wishes (Al-Qadeer).
YOU are probably all fed up of me banging on about light pollution and how city dwellers miss out on the cosmic spectacle that is hidden from view by light pollution's all-pervading orange glare.
Haryana's ultra-modern city Gurgaon has witnessed yet another gang-rape, adding to the all-pervading fear that has enveloped the mini-city after a string of sexual assaults on women.