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Insta8Oman is a unique platform that, with its exciting permutations and combinations and all-pervasive reach, has gripped the imagination of social media aficionados across the country.
The effect of Dylan's magnificently embroidered wordplay has been all-pervasive, influencing a range of musicians from Paul Simon and John Lennon to Bruce Springsteen and Bono.
And, the twist in the tale here is the all-pervasive 'selfie.
Conversely, air can also be squalid, even lethal, and the management and manipulation of this vital all-pervasive substance forms the beating heart of this richly illustrated book.
It is extreme which can be all-pervasive and destroy peace of mind, relationships and, ultimately, lives.
It was a reaffirmation of the all-pervasive opportunism in our polity.
This all-pervasive scent gives to its wearer an esoteric and fascinating feel enjoyed by men who are avid for energy, sports and adventure.
The first Islamic bank to offer online banking services, Noor Islamic Bank delivers a comprehensive portfolio of online solutions to appeal to its increasing number of Gen Y customers in whose world technology is all-pervasive.
In spite of this diversity, the invisible, but all-pervasive thread of being 'Indian', keeps us united.
The gentleman was outed by the all-pervasive phone camera.
In her Tuesday interview for the morning broadcast of bTV, Kustkova claimed that insolence had come to reign supreme in Bulgaria, nepotism, which was stifling private initiatives, had become all-pervasive, and honest people were not allowed to advance in their careers, unless they maintained a servile attitude to their superiors.
in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing whether the NSA was collecting information on millions of Americans, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper responded "no"); and a program that some now claim is in violation of the Fourth Amendment (the Supreme Court has been lax in its protection of metadata, but these decisions pre-date today's all-pervasive smartphone culture, where metadata can reveal far more information than ever conceived).