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Pastor, author, and founder of One Voice Ministries, Hank Kunneman presents the all-powerful, all knowing, and omnipresent God we worship, as a loving, affirming father, eager to connect heart to heart with His children, as a father to turn to in time of trouble, as a provider, and protector who expresses his love, affirmation, and affection to his sons and daughters.
This time they focus their all-powerful might on the saviours of dumb animals
Cubans were focusing yesterday on what acting president Raul Castro's government would bring once his brother Fidel formally stepped down as the country's all-powerful leader.
Beating the then all-powerful Leeds United as a second division side was a magnificent achievement and one which is still talked about today.
The writer liked my column, but faulted me for not pointing out that the Waltons are Jews, and that we will never achieve economic equity in this country until we exterminate that devious, all-powerful subgroup.
Quoting from the back cover: "This is the second in a series of five books that set out to tell the action-packed story of Julius Caesar's protracted battles in Gaul--modern France and Belgium--and his struggle to force the Roman Republic to abandon its obsession with ancient and superstitious traditions, a system of government that favoured only its racist, corrupt and all-powerful nobility.
Such is life in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where 68 million Iranians are now subject to near total social and political domination by the all-powerful Shi'a Muslim clergy that controls the state's central power structures.
Hoffman argues that historians too often have attributed urban physical development to all-powerful elites.
Those include saying their faith is very important in their life today; believing they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs about Christ with non-Christians; believing that Satan exists; believing that eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not works; believing that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; asserting that the Bible is accurate in all that it teaches; and describing God as the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today.
Think about that passage for a moment: If the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator didn't wish to make me a lesbian, wouldn't God have made someone else?
This is an all-powerful yet unconventional God who reverses the places of the high and low trees and the green and the dry.

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