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Relations with Turkey are not all-right, while Iran has not given up on its plans to increase their nuclear capabilities.
Last time we were in the Premier League I started five games and scored three goals, which is a all-right return.
It's all-right defending well when you are 3-0 up at Celtic Park.
I hope my mum and dad will be very proud and when (daughter) Eve grows up someone will tell her that I was an all-right jockey.
Gary's scuffed his arm and bent his bike but he should be all-right, while Dan's wrist was swelling and he had that look on his face that you get when the shock begins to bite, although we won't know for sure until he's been to hospital.
In different contexts, it can also mean "fun," "okay" and, according to the online Urban Dictionary, "shibby, cool, great, no problem, all-right.
A custom doorway features up to eight panels on multiple ground-roller tracks in either direction--all-left, all-right, or left and right.
Gabby Yorath does an all-right job and there are some good and knowledgeable female writers out there, but not commentating on whole matches.
Hyphenate only if used colloquially as an adjective: He is an all-right guy.
Asked what he felt his specialities are, he says, "For me, the Team Pursuit is the obvious one and I'd like to do a few things on the road this year and show that I'm an all-right road rider as well.
Other suppliers on hand include China's All-Right Machinery, Mexico's Beutelspacher, Taiwan's Chum Power Machinery; Spain's Luxber, Italy's Mag-Plastic, and France's Steca.
Our district is doing an all-right job at mentoring, but federal assistance could make it more extensive.