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It follows Keaton's character as he attempts to escape the gaze of an all-seeing eye, which is impossible due to the circumstance of his very existence.
Let us not spend our remaining days/time doing evil in the sight of an all-seeing God.
He sees parallels between White House adviser Kellyanne Conway's phrase "alternative facts" and "newspeak"-the language the all-seeing government in 1984 uses to brainwash citizens into accepting lies as truth.
Rather, the heraldry that was selected to adorn our currency and other official government documents was William Barton and Charles Thomson's spooky all-seeing eye, with its incomplete pyramid, and its dignified eagle reassuringly holding olive branches in one talon but arrows in another.
The name Mwari is taken from African mythology and is basically from Southern Africa, where it is considered by some tribes as an omnipotent, all-seeing being.
Andrew Livingston replies: Or perhaps he's Helios Panoptes, the all-seeing Sun, since his telescope points significantly in that direction and he's a central character in the theories of both Tycho and Copernicus.
One was his wife Chandra, but she and the others had all been so dominated and brainwashed to the extent that they believed that he was all powerful and all-seeing," she told the jury.
That is the all-seeing eye," said Roger Richmond, one of four assistant grand masters in South Wales.
National Security Technologies LLC's Argus Fisheye Velocimetry Probe, named after the all-seeing hundred-eyed giant from Greek mythology, tackles the challenge of capturing hundreds of velocity channels over more than half of the imploding sphere over many centimeters of travel.
Through the all-seeing eyes of her child protagonist McGrath conjures indelible scenes of harsh domesticity and small victories, of endless summertime days spent around the home and evenings at the drive-in theatre.
With Panoptix All-Seeing Sonar, Garmin brings new dimensions to the game.
Now in its third series, this is the programme which gives us the chance to see couples nervously - or not so nervously - enjoying/ enduring blind dates in front of all-seeing cameras in a London restaurant.

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