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The all-wise, all-just Lordships' penchant to speak their minds via their words rather than their verdicts is not limited to politicians and bureaucrats.
Its wealth does not come from the ingenuity of its people but from a lucky meteor strike and the benevolence of its all-wise rulers.
The proponents of democracy often say that the masses are all-wise, all-knowing, that they make the correct choices via the ballot.
There is no way to change the algorithm, so you must be content with what the all-wise Google delivers.
Suitsupply joins All-Wise Meadery and Du's Donuts and Coffee, a concept by Wylie Dufresne which recently opened.
The former child star announced that he would be opening a meadery in Brooklyn, New York, called the All-Wise Meadery.
In a 2013 article, "Expanding the Democracy Universe," published in Humans and Nature, the journal of the Center for Humans and Nature, he argued for a global "democracy" run by all-wise, self-anointed scientists/sages such as himself.
While the former is venturing into the meadery business (via the All-Wise Meadery), the latter has returned to acting by way of 'Riverdale,' where he's been making heads turn as brooding high school student Jughead.
No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.
It was sent down by The All-Wise, Worthy of all praise, Allah, Glory be to Him, Who took it upon Himself to protect it so no one can add to it or subtract from it.
At the time of its publication, books for teens were categorized as "junior novels"--saccharine, heavily didactic, careful to avoid taboo subjects, and with an all-wise adult on hand to straighten things out in the end.
And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise," the verse read.