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Allantoic fluids were harvested 72 h post inoculation and two further blind serial passages were performed in a similar way.
45%) animals were unable to survive and allantoic fluid was 81.
One of the major limitations is the high cost involved in the downstream processing, as allantoic fluid contains a large number of proteins in comparison to cell culture medium.
The feasibility of using FTA[R] cards (Flinders Technology Associates) for inactivation and transportation of allantoic fluid infected with Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was evaluated.
Total RNA was extracted from allantoic fluid using commercially available RNA extraction kit as per manufacturer's instruction (QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit, QIAGEN, Hilden, Germany).
About 60 litres of allantoic fluid was slowly drained through rusch catheter for a period of 24 hrs.
None of the nasal /ocular swabs and allantoic fluid samples collected from chicken embryos inoculated with samples from Farm Nos.
Seventy-two hours following that injection, allantoic fluid was collected under sterile conditions and the antiviral titer of the expression product was analyzed.
Allantoic fluid from the second passage was used in hemagglutination testing performed on chicken erythrocytes, which resulted in a titer of 64 hemagglutinating units.
For this purpose 25 l of fresh allantoic fluid was added in 1st well of microtiter plate and 2 fold serial dilutions were made in the PBS up to 11th well.
Hydrallantois is gestational disorder with sudden increase in allantoic fluid occuring in allantoic cavity due to foetal membrane pathology leading to bilateral enlargement of abdomen.
The samples were propagated in specific pathogen-free embryonated chicken eggs, and the allantoic fluid was subjected to qRT-PCR.