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Of the 22 buffaloes, following delivery of fetus, 10 (45.45%) animals were unable to survive and allantoic fluid was 81.67 [+ or -] 3.1 and 91.70 [+ or -] 6.6 litres (P > 0.05) for animals those were survive and unable to survive, respectively.
One of the major limitations is the high cost involved in the downstream processing, as allantoic fluid contains a large number of proteins in comparison to cell culture medium.
The eggs are then cooled, before their tops are cut off and the allantoic fluid, now containing the virus, is sucked out in a process called harvesting.
The feasibility of using FTA[R] cards (Flinders Technology Associates) for inactivation and transportation of allantoic fluid infected with Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was evaluated.
To avoid shock due to sudden release of allantoic fluid, rusch catheter (18 (a)) was introduced into allantoic cavity through cervix after negotiating cervical canal with cervical dilator (Fig.
None of the nasal /ocular swabs and allantoic fluid samples collected from chicken embryos inoculated with samples from Farm Nos.
None of the embryos died until day 7 postinoculation when the eggs were chilled at 4[degrees]C, the allantoic fluid was collected, and the embryos were examined for gross pathologic changes.
The agglutination of red cells by allantoic fluid of chick embryos infected with influenza virus.
The eggs were chilled at 4AdegC for at least two hours to kill the embryo and to reduce the contamination of the allantoic fluid with blood during harvesting.
For this purpose 25 l of fresh allantoic fluid was added in 1st well of microtiter plate and 2 fold serial dilutions were made in the PBS up to 11th well.
Hydrallantois is gestational disorder with sudden increase in allantoic fluid occuring in allantoic cavity due to foetal membrane pathology leading to bilateral enlargement of abdomen.
In their progeny embryos, IgA, IgG, and IgM antibodies to these Mycoplasma species were detected in the allantoic fluid (ALF) and amniotic fluid (AMF) on day 14 of embryonic development (ED).