allay fears

See: disarm
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In reaction to these recent events, we quickly designed the TeleMail service as a complement to our other services to provide a cost-effective communication tool for marketers who need to reach direct mail recipients quickly to allay fears about unsolicited mail.
The High Court heard Garda evidence that "no amount of cash would allay fears that Hahui would abscond".
Health chiefs last night moved to allay fears of Dr Martin's patients at the three County Durham surgeries where he worked.
The licence awards to Bohs and Shels will also allay fears that they may be booted out of the upcoming Champions League and UEFA Cup ties.
And he said the Basingstokebased group would remain headquartered in the UK as he tried to allay fears Shire was becoming too American.
The government attempted to allay fears over the threat to public health.
The county reassigned one person and a department manager met with the Lancaster staff to allay fears.
HEARTS manager Jim Jefferies yesterday called a meeting of his players to allay fears that several star names were set for the axe.
9 per cent figure recorded in April - poses little threat to the Bank of England's inflation target and is likely to allay fears about a further rise in interest rates.
This certification is not required for commercial sales, but demonstrates the commitment by the parent company to allay fears about hydrogen based technology devices.
Council leaders have agreed a "protocol" with ministers to allay fears that accommodation for prisoners are springing up in residential areas.
The scheme could allay fears Iran is enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb.