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To state, recite, assert, or charge the existence of particular facts in a Pleading or an indictment; to make an allegation.

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v. to claim a fact is true, commonly in a complaint which is filed to commence a lawsuit, in an "affirmative defense" to a complaint, in a criminal charge of the commission of a crime, or any claim. (See: allegation)

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Alleged criminal damage, Mon, Dec 1, 2014 - Ref: KD557
4 THIS man is alleged to have stolen goods from the Co-op Store on Redhill Road in Stockton on May 5, 2009.
The notice of charges issued against Peyrelevade, who became the chief executive officer of Credit Lyonnais after the acquisition of the insurance business, alleges that he took steps to further the alleged violations, engaged in unsafe and unsound practices in not reporting the violations when he learned about them, and made false statements to Federal Reserve investigators about the scope of his knowledge of the secret acquisition.
The firm sought dismissal of the claim by contending the plaintiffs were required to allege an improper or "bad faith" exercise of a discretionary right under the contract and that the complaint--which alleged only negligence on the firm's part--therefore had failed to state a claim.
The Supreme Court has instructed lower courts that the first step in determining qualified immunity is to decide whether the plaintiff alleges a constitutional violation at all.(18) Thus, attorneys representing law enforcement officials and prosecutors should be wary of attempts by plaintiffs to fashion common law defamation or negligence claims into an alleged constitutional violation.
That was done, the plaintiffs alleged, in order to improve the plan's financial status, thus benefiting the controlling physicians and officers, who were heavily invested in the new for-profit corporation that owned the plan.
? A 41-year-old Motherwell man was arrested and will be reported to the procurator fiscal for alleged breach of the peace and assault.
Alleged theft from shop, Wed Mar25 - Ref: KD536 | Alleged assault, Sar Mar 21 - Ref: KD533 | Alleged assault, Sat Mar 21 - Ref: KD534
THIS man is alleged to have stolen eight cans of Fosters and four bottles of Corona lager from Sainsbury's in Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe.
The court held that the alleged failure to make a union steward available to the officer was not a substantive due process violation.
The Bank of Yellville, without admitting to any allegations, consented to the issuance of the order in connection with its alleged violations of the Board's regulations implementing the National Flood Insurance Act.
Electronic Security Systems alleged that Sentex Systems, which designs and manufactures telephone-entry security systems for buildings and gated communities, had induced its former employee, Paul Columbo, to breach the noncompete agreement he had signed with Electronic Security Systems.